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Tuesday, 23 December 2014 17:28

Infected Tattoos in the Treatment Room

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When preforming body treatments, skin care professionals can easily come across tattoos on their client’s bodies. Since there are many health risks that come along with tattoos, it is important for skin care professionals to know what infected tattoos look like.

The FDA has found that some unopened bottles of ink can have bacterial contamination, which can cause infection when used for tattoos. Using contaminated needles can also cause infection. Everyone is at risk for infection, but clients with pre-existing heart disease, diabetes, or compromised immune systems are at greater risk.
Signs of infection on a client’s skin can include redness, swelling, blemishes, and pain at the site. If an infection is left untreated, it can spread through the bloodstream, which can cause fever, chills, and sweats.
It is important for skin care professionals to know the risks that can come with tattoos and to know how to identify infected tattoos on their clients. Clients need to have the infection treated before going through with spa body treatments.

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