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Easing the Pain of Hair Removal

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Hair removal is big business! Men and women are going to spas in record number for hair removal, creating a huge opportunity for increasing sales of both services and retail products.


There are three popular methods for hair removal within the day spa or salon setting, depending on state laws. Professionals can offer waxing, sugaring, and/or laser hair removal. Each treatment comes with its own set of benefits, limitations, and opportunities. Regardless of which type of hair removal treatments professionals decide to offer in their spa, there are some tips and tricks to ensure that the service is enjoyable.

Professionals can set themselves apart from other spas by taking uncomfortable services and making them truly pleasurable experiences. Clients often become loyal customers if the treatments they receive are virtually pain-free. Not only do they return, but they tell their friends and family members.


The way skin care professionals can make hair removal services more tolerable is by providing exceptional pre- and post-options. Providing high-quality pre-treatment options and healing, nourishing post-treatment care makes clients trust that the professional’s first priority is their well-being, by providing a virtually pain-free experience.


Pre-treatment optionsscopethis3

When waxing skin, a pre-treatment oil helps to insure the waxing service is easily received by the skin. Sugaring is an ancient method that is gaining popularity. It is very similar to waxing, with one major difference: sugaring does not adhere to live skin cells, so there is no need for pre-treatment oil. However, waxing, sugaring, and laser hair removal can all be very uncomfortable.


Waxing and sugaring pull hair from the follicle. Laser hair removal tends to be the most uncomfortable of all hair removal services. The intense laser flash can feel like a rubber band being snapped on the skin. Pre-treating with a numbing agent with lidocaine can help reduce discomfort.


Post-treatment options

Offering a comforting post-hair removal treatment experience is something every spa can do. This can enhance the service experience for the client. More importantly, providing this level of service is essential to make sure clients are not experiencing post-treatment discomfort.


It is a good idea to use a product that will help to prevent ingrown hairs, especially on clients with thick, coarse hair. Ingrown hairs can be incredibly painful and hard for clients to deal with. Look for products with effective exfoliating ingredients to help keep the hair follicle open. Many clients who go to professionals for waxing also shave at home and many of the post-wax treatment products used in the treatment room can also be used as a post-shave treatment. Professionals can retail these items to help increase their retail sales.


Skin care professionals can also recommend some type of post-treatment nourishment for clients to apply to the skin after waxing or sugaring. Hair removal treatments expose fresh, new skin cells, so offering a nourishing and hydrating moisturizer can soothe the skin, bring down any redness, and give clients a sense of relief.


Hair removal services are very personal and can be a good opportunity for professionals to establish a trusted relationship with a client. Unlike skin care treatments where conversation is limited, professionals have the opportunity to talk about post-treatment products that will help reduce discomfort and possible adverse side effects, such as ingrown hairs. It can also be an ideal time to educate clients about the spa’s vast array of services, such as skin care, massage, and injectables.


By creating a serene environment, being thoughtful about products suggested, and providing soothing pre- and post-hair removal treatments, skin care professionals can retain and grow their hair removal clientele.

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