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As a pioneer in the field of clinical cosmetology, Ottmar Stubler co-established state-approved advanced training seminars for nurses, aestheticians and cosmetologists to prepare them for employment in the medical field in the early 1990s. Stubler founded PFB Vanish Inc. in 2000. PFB Vanish is a pre- and post-hair removal solution which can be used as a first line of defense for shaving, waxing, tweezing, electrolysis and laser hair removal. I have been in the beauty industry for 28 years. Prior to getting my aesthetic license in 1985, I had been involved in multi-level skin care marketing with a variety of product lines. I realized early on that, regardless of the economy, women would always budget for creams and makeup. I began my career working at the front desk in a small salon and assisted in preparing treatment rooms.

UntitledShortly thereafter, I enrolled in a cosmetology school in San Francisco studying aesthetics. I was the only male in the class. In 1986, I entered the treatment room as an aesthetician. I was a bit nervous wondering how female clients would adapt to a male practitioner. At the end of the day, they loved it. Most importantly, at the end of my day, I loved it. Throughout my life, I have always been interested in reading ingredient lists and deciphering each component; most likely due to my fascination with science and my inspiration for music. After nine years, I decided to move out of the treatment room and venture into wholesale distribution, specializing in private label skin care products and microdermabrasion. I traveled throughout northern California meeting with aestheticians and salon owners selling my wares. The beauty of our relationship was that I was on equal footing with my customer. We both were aestheticians and entrepreneurs. The trust factor was my success because we both spoke the same language. I was not a salesman; I was one of them. Having developed so many new relationships with salon owners, I trusted their suggestions and advice. They all were craving for a solution which would resolve waxing, shaving and electrolysis skin aliments. Hair removal is a huge business and so were the problems I encountered. Seventy percent of people who waxed broke out in hives, bumps and/or ingrown hairs. Many of my male clients who shaved also had skin issues which led to scarring and hyperpigmentation. I consulted with an FDA compliant laboratory and developed a serum in a roll-on delivery system which would combat irritation associated with hair removal. The results were amazing and fast and the success of PFB Vanish skyrocketed by word of mouth, print advertisements, tradeshows and, most importantly, customer testimonials. A referral is the greatest compliment I can receive. And, to this day, I constantly strive to bring the best and most effective products to the market.


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