Monday, 30 January 2023 10:14

Niching Down: Finding a Place in the Industry

Written by   Shawna Rocha

A niche market is a focused, targetable portion of a larger market, selling specialized products or services. Niche markets have their own demands, preferences, needs, and identity. Establishing a niche market helps businesses gain competitive advantages and identify their target audience. Finding a niche can be based on many factors, such as geographics, psychographics, demographics, price, quality, and specific areas of expertise. 


The key to establishing a market niche is research. Study the current markets to determine what special segments already exist and what new sections could be evolved. The trick to capitalizing on a specific niche market is developing or finding a segment with accessible customers, moderate competition, and room for growth. Make sure to create a solid business plan for the niche services. First, create a well-defined mission and focus. What exactly is the niche? Second, target and define the clientele. Who is interested? How can they be contacted? What is the best way to market and where? And lastly, make sure the business can be differentiated from others, whether that is by having taken advanced education on the niche provided or ways to become an industry leader in the specialized area.

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