Lessen the Lumps: 3 Methods for Treating Cellulite

While cellulite cannot be cured entirely, many individuals turn to skin care professionals for help in reducing the appearance of those iconic lumps and dimples. To ensure maximum improvement, professionals need the best treatment options available. They need the right methods on hand to treat clients based on level of cellulite and desired results.

On the Bright Side: 3 Key Brightening Ingredients

It is no secret that most clients seek radiant skin. From eliminating dark spots to reversing ultraviolet damage, brighteners are formulated with ingredients that target the root of complexion issues. However, not all brightening products are created equally and mainstream ingredients used in some brightening products may even be harmful. Below, discover three natural, powerhouse brightening ingredients that are sure to produce that highly sought-after…

What Puts the ‘Screen’ in Sunscreen

Acommon client misconception is that the need for a quality sun care regimen starts when the summer vacation is booked. However, professionals know that sunscreen is an ongoing necessity, requiring ingredients that combat harmful UVA and UVB rays – no matter the weather. Getting clients to understand that sun care is not seasonal may require a few conversations. After all, this is a myth that…

Game Changers: Hard Facts About Soft Wax

Applied to the skin in a very thin layer, soft waxes are often preferred by professionals because they can be applied and removed quickly and efficiently. Additionally, because they adhere well to the skin, soft waxes simultaneously exfoliate the skin while removing hair. While there are many benefits to using soft waxes, not all soft waxes are created equally. This can result in a range…

Game Changers: We All Scream for Eye Creams

The eyes are a window to the soul, but they do not need to be a window for harsh chemicals. Clients want to ensure that the eye creams they are using are both effective and safe. Just as with any products recommended, professionals should know and understand the ingredients that are found in the eye creams carried in the spa. To help build that knowledge…

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