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Lessen the Lumps: 3 Methods for Treating Cellulite

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While cellulite cannot be cured entirely, many individuals turn to skin care professionals for help in reducing the appearance of those iconic lumps and dimples. To ensure maximum improvement, professionals need the best treatment options available. They need the right methods on hand to treat clients based on level of cellulite and desired results.


The best creams for treating cellulite contain ingredients such as cinnamon, niacin, and wild yam extract. Cinnamon helps to stimulate circulation and rid the body of toxins stored in fact cells. Niacin increases circulation, reduces inflammation, and helps eliminate toxins. Wild yam extract is used in body contouring to block estrogen receptors in skin cells, preventing them from storing fat.



Another approach to cellulite is body contouring wraps. An effective wrap process encourages proper circulation and elimination of wastes and toxins through the body’s own detoxification system. Wraps are also often paired with a wrap cream which further promotes toxin removal and increased circulation.



For the most stubborn cases of cellulite, there are a variety of body contouring devices on the market designed to stimulate collagen, firm and smooth skin, increase cell renewal, and so forth. Results and downtime vary from device to device. One popular method involves using EMS and microcurrent to provide bio-electrical stimulation to tone muscles. Other popular devices include ultrasonic, radiofrequency, acoustic wave therapy, light-based, and laser devices.

InDERMedInstitut’ DERMed Clinical Skincare


Institut’ DERMed Clinical Skincare’s CelluliteRx® Kit treats cellulite and firms skin in three steps within four weeks. It is formulated with sea mineral algae extract, walnut shell, and apricot seed to exfoliate and enrich the skin with vitamins E and B and wild yam extract to block the formation of new adipocytes. Niacin is included for improving circulation, Regu-Slim® and Alpha Palmitoly Petide-21™ to infuse botanicals, and Alpha Copper Tripeptide-4™ and Acetyl Alpha-Tetrapeptide-5™ to support skin collagen regeneration. 866-433-7633 or








Slim and trim four to 14 inches with this 60-minute, detoxifying treatment – Contour by M’lis. Blended with cellulite-busting niacin, circulation-inducing cinnamon, and deeply-nourishing aloe, contour will give nothing but confidence-building results – no matter the angle. 800-548-0569 or





7ewellness7E Wellness Corporation


7e Torc Body contouring device by 7E Wellness Corporation is a non-invasive, FDA-cleared, bioelectrical stimulation device for toning and firming. Torc Body is a proven technology to bring inch loss, cellulite reduction, and muscle endurance in the most natural way for sustainable results. The treatment is intense but does not hurt and has no down time associated. Any licensed professional can deliver the results. 888-412-3160 or


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