Beauty Veteran Targets Skin Changes During Menopause With a New, Clean Skin Care Line

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Noted beauty industry executive, Rochelle Weitzner, former CEO of Erno Laszlo and former CFO at Laura Mercier Cosmetics and RéVive Skincare, announced the launch of Pause, a first-of-its-kind, science-based skin care line focused on supporting skin during the three stages of menopause.


The Pause story began when Weitzner experienced her first hot flash. Naturally, she looked to her industry for products that could support her through menopause. What she found – or, actually, what she did not find – shocked her.


“Not only were there no products targeting the particular effects of menopause on skin,” reflects Weitzner, “but no one was even talking about it. For all the noise we make about aging and all the products aimed at antiaging, it was as if the whole topic of menopause was forbidden.”


After a career in the C-suite, Weitzner found that not just surprising but unacceptable. “Menopause is or will be a fact of life for millions of women,” says Weitzner. “From peri-menopause, which can start in a woman’s thirties, and for the rest of her life, she will deal with a combination of hot flashes, dryness, sagging, and loss of elasticity.”


She decided to change all that, redirecting her extensive experience in beauty to fill this gaping void. Weitzner teamed up with Grace Beauty Capital to establish Pause Well-Aging skin care.


“Menopause is a huge transition for women and a huge underserved market,” says Grace’s Founder and Partner, Frank Fazzinga III, “and I couldn’t understand why nobody had the courage to tackle it.”


Pause is a first-of-its-kind skin care line focused on the three stages of menopause, turning traditional antiaging thinking on its head with an unabashed well-aging approach to menopause and its effects on skin. Weitzner notes, “We’ve done our homework, developing products that scientifically target this stage of skin health from both the inside and the outside.”


Pause launches in June with three products created to address the unique physiology of menopausal skin. The next round of products will launch in the fall.


While products are the core of Pause, Weitzner emphasizes that Pause is about more than skin care. “Pause is both science for your skin and a community for your soul,” Weitzner offers. She explains that it is about giving women resources and space to share their stories as they adapt to the new normal that is menopause. The Connect the Dots blog is packed with articles, stories, science, lifestyle features, humor, and more – reflecting the company tagline “Pause. Learn. Laugh.”


Weitzner sums up the company’s mission, “We want to view menopause, not as an ending, but as a time to Pause, reflect, and look ahead. Pause is beauty for what’s next.”

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