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To Be or Not to Be Everywhere

Written by   Amanda Strunk Miller

Be everywhere. This piece of advice is often given to budding businesses who are trying to make an impression. The method is considered a positive way to build visibility online, cultivate traffic, and attract new prospects or leads. This idea works great for print, internet, or even community events; but when it comes to social media specifically, is it the best plan?

Professionals have mixed opinions on applying the be-everywhere approach to the social media platform. The strategy can seem daunting and become all-encompassing for a business owner. Mastering and maintaining accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and more can require a full-time expert – a consideration not very practical for small businesses.

Social media is a crucial and ever-evolving topic for our industry, which is why it is featured as one of the main themes for this month's issue. Check out page 74 to read "Customer Service in the 21st Century" by Kelley Moore. She explains how the art of customer service has progressed over time and details how skin care professionals should cater to the new dynamic. Next, "15 Posts to Put on Social Media Now" starts on page 82. Barry Eichner advises on different ways of engagement to reach the potential and returning customer through different social media posts. He gives great examples that can be implemented immediately on Facebook!

Start out small and work on one social media platform at a time. Master a routine before moving onto the next. Find which channels a majority of clients are on and start there! Choose what makes sense for your brand and what you can reasonably manage, then stick with it. Remember, our best clients come from quality customer service and results. Don't allow your social media ambitions to distract you from what already works.

While you are online strategizing your social media posts, take a moment to look up DERMASCOPE! We would love to keep in touch. Follow us to stay in touch with the latest happenings in the industry. We post online exclusive articles, video interviews with industry giants, and information on upcoming congresses around the country.



Amanda Strunk Miller
Associate Publisher

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