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“All natural” means better quality.

Written by   Amra Lear, licensed massage therapist and aesthetician

"Natural” is a word so profound, it has become one of the most significant tools for marketing in recent years. “All natural” is one of the highest selling points for consumers and it has pushed manufacturers to create products to be made from natural ingredients. Formulating a product with natural ingredients is not hard to do and, in most cases, is the cheapest way to produce a product, but that does not mean that it is the safest route to take.
Taking from the earth’s bounty of natural growth to create products is the ultimate satisfaction for the human’s largest organ. The body works synergistically with nature and thrives off the raw qualities it possesses. The reason that the phrase “all natural” appeals to consumers is because it represents life.
A problem arises, however, when nature is taken from its natural form: it slowly starts to die. When “all natural” ingredients start descending from their natural existence, they no longer work and, in some cases, may even become toxic. Products that claim to be all natural should also come with the warning, “I have a short shelf life.”
Because of a short shelf life, companies do extensive research in finding alternative ways to create products as close to all natural as can be. Things that are naturally found on earth can have certain qualities extracted from them forming a healthy derivative of that particular trait. With cosmetic science, biochemistry, chemistry, biology, and other sciences advancing, manufacturers are able to offer better quality products derived from natural ingredients. This makes the product safe. The possibilities of the product becoming toxic are very low and the shelf life is much longer.
Companies have become highly sensitive to consumers concerns of wanting products to be all natural. They have adapted to creating hypoallergenic, paraben-free, dye-free, fragrance-free products, as well as many other adaptations, to create a more natural product. They are aware that consumers have tools to research before they shop and know that consumers are becoming increasingly more aware of what they choose to put on their skin. This has been a great growth for both product companies and consumers to expand the realms of ingredient quality. With this expansion, new ingredients have been found and better formulations have been created.
Great harmony comes from nature and it is no wonder why people search for all natural when it comes to correlating that ideal for their skin care.

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