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I was really surprised to discover how difficult it was to come up with statistics on the number of bloggers on the Internet. There are many conflicting estimates, primarily because most blogging websites are quickly abandoned or rarely updated… So after uncovering these figures, and having just started a blog of my own, I am feeling motivated to keep mine updated – I definitely cannot be one of the statistical abandoners. I will begin by reaching out to you to help me out. I welcome all of you to visit our website, and my blog, to discover whatever is on my mind between monthly Editor’s Notes.

And what is my mind on right now? Well, let’s keep with the blogging topic. Here are a few statistics I found while researching blogging records:

  • Blog readership jumped 58 percent between February of 2004 and November 2004 and comprised 32 million United States citizens. This seemed to be the start of the blogging trend.
  • Wikipedia claims that in February of 2011, there were over 156 million public blogs in existence. It also sites that in February of 2014 – just three quick years later – there were around 172 million Tumblr and 75.8 million WordPress blogs in existence worldwide.

Wow, these numbers look impressive! A quarter of a billion blogs currently exist, with millions of readers clicking from one blogger to the next? It seems like a trend worth getting on board for. Have you ever thought about making a blog for your spa? Clearly, this is another way to keep an audience interested in what you are doing and introduce them to new developments. You might even answer questions they did not even know they were curious about. You could have weekly updates (or daily!) informing your clients on happenings in the spa: a new treatment you added to your menu, new specials you are offering for the month, or maybe even printable coupons for them to use the next time they come in! The benefits of blogs for a business are only limited to your interest and creativity. If you want to get some ideas about how to get started, visit our website and click on our blogs section. Or, just search the Internet on varied topics… You are bound to find some inspiration from the millions of blogs that already exist.

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