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Can Scalp Massage Prevent Baldness?

Written by   Rahsha Batiste

According to the American Hair Loss Association, 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from some form of hair loss. Revenue spent to restore hair to its natural beauty is astounding, as thick, energetic hair is desirable and culturally considered extremely attractive.

Fortunately, there are budget-friendly ways to forestall baldness and boost hair growth. One method is through scalp massage, which can be done at home or in a professional setting.




What is scalp massage? When the scalp is massaged, blood flow to the epidermis is stimulated and increased. The scalp is covered with millions of tiny capillaries (small blood vessels) that are required for hair growth. A couple minutes of massage to this area each week will combat hair loss by nourishing the hair follicles with an invigorating flow of blood and nutrients.




This massage is simple and requires little effort to achieve results. Start with the fingertips and, using a circular motion, massage gently between the hairs but do not rub. When tightness and tension are felt, slowly and carefully increase pressure to those areas.

Start from the edges of the scalp and proceed smoothly to the crown of the head. The upward direction of the massage will increase lymphatic drainage in this area, which is critical to health and well-being. Only three minutes is required to be beneficial.

Try this simple technique on yourself. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the pleasant sensation. Scalp and hair massage can also be found in the professional setting of a hair salon, spa facility, aesthetician’s spa, and through a massage therapist.




The first and foremost benefit is to maintain scalp health, which, in turn, promotes a healthy head of hair. The gentle pressure stimulates the hair follicles to produce more robust and thicker hair.

Another benefit is exfoliation. Hair washing every day can cause damage, making it dry, brittle, and prone to breakage and split ends. Massaging the scalp exfoliates dead skin cells and frees up space for new skin layers and follicles.

Finally, it is a welcome stress reliever. Even though an individual may not have time in their busy schedule for a regular massage, a self-scalp massage promotes that feeling of well-being and relaxation.




When done aggressively, increased shedding of the hair can occur. The stress of tugging on the hair and moving the follicles too forcefully can be detrimental. Moreover, if an individual has a sensitive scalp, they may discover that the massage is uncomfortable. In this case, the recommendation is to start with a delicate touch and proceed slowly and gently.


It is not necessary to use the technique every day, as the relaxation aspect will be diminished as it becomes a chore. So, for maximum benefits, devote three minutes, at least once a week, to maximize the health and well-being of hair.

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