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Growing Passion

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Have you had a chance to attend a tradeshow this year? What about a local seminar, workshop or online webinar? In a profession like ours, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest education, developments and trends. Seminars, workshops, and webinars provide the chance to learn and grow, but, for me, tradeshows are the pinnacle. They are a top priority every year. They provide so many positive things even if sometimes it can feel like a sensory overload!

At these shows, networking and educational opportunities are around every corner. I meet new people. I reconnect with old friends. I experience the classrooms and the demonstrations. Every time I walk away feeling so much more informed, prepared and involved in my industry.
There are many benefits to attending a tradeshow. It is a great opportunity to have such an environment where attendees can walk from booth to booth and compare companies' products and services. And having so many vendors in the same place provides attendees greater confidence with comparisons. The firsthand experience with the products or equipment provides a much better understanding of how they work. The demonstrations help those of us in the industry increase in our confidence and development in our knowledge and skills.
Of course, attending a tradeshow can also be overwhelming and even sometimes stimulate uncertainty. It is best to do your research and know what you are looking for before you go. And, do not fall into the trap of believing everything you hear. There are many people who prey on the naïve. It is important when walking the floor to have a good understanding of anatomy, function and how skin reacts to the common active ingredients. When you hear something that contradicts what you know… just keep moving. Always ask questions if you feel uncertain. If you cannot easily understand, your clients will probably struggle also. Take notes about the different amenities and support each company offers; it matters a lot in the long run. And last, attend the company sponsored presentations. These classes provide exposure to useful demonstrations and current topics, and, of course, give you the maximum exposure to a company's product and philosophies.
If you have not yet attended a tradeshow this year, the International Congress of Esthetics & Spa has two wonderful events coming up in the fall. There is plenty of time to plan. It is such a valuable investment to take the time to network, update and further our education. It is not just about CEUs – it is also about growing passion and succeeding in business. See you there!


Amanda Strunk Miller
Associate Publisher

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