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Avoiding Aging

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Over the years, self-care has evolved to include much of skin care. Many women in their 50s today could be compared to women in their 30s just a few decades ago. Take Oprah or JLo for example. And it’s not just Hollywood that has caught on! Next to acne and hyperpigmentation, antiaging treatments rank in the most requested services at the spa. Is your treatment menu offering the latest technologies and ingredients to help your clients look decades younger?

As aesthetic practitioners know, it is much easier to slow the development of fine lines than to reverse the situation. Keeping the communication lines open with clients to work towards prevention is imperative. Learn about the science behind it all, cellular energy, and pairing various treatments for the best results in Andrea Gregaydis’s article, “Fine Line Formation.”

Although there is a number of factors that contribute to aging, environmental pollution and exposure to ultraviolet radiation tend to be in the very back of clients’ minds. Understand free radical damage at a deeper level along with antipollution skin care treatments and ingredients to pass the benefits along to clients with the article entitled, “Antioxidant Action” by Lydia Sarfati.

In the modern era, the aging process has evolved to another experience entirely. There is much to consider when formulating a plan of revision for the mature client, such as the theories, stages, and causes of aging. Discover the possibilities towards a pathway to treatment with Alexandra Zani’s article, “Mature Considerations.”

When thinking about the typical client taking on age management, skin care professionals may have a certain image of what that might look like. However, as skin care becomes increasingly relevant to younger generations, the need to market preventative aging services and products may be in order. Read about the new antiaging client in “Gen Z & Millennials,” an article by Dasha Saian Marchese.

Growing up in this industry, it is easy to see how pertinent the skin concern of aging becomes with each passing year. The trick to aging gracefully is clearly prevention, and luckily, I have never been short of education when it comes to age management. I’d like to think the feeling is mutual when it comes to our readers.

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