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Tuesday, 13 August 2019 07:11

Reforms in US Healthcare

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Reforms in the US Healthcare Reforms in the US Healthcare

The requirements of the society tend to change at a hectic pace, according to different innovations in the spheres of culture, science and technologies. Nevertheless, one thing remains the same during the whole history of humanity. This is a need in professional, easily available and effective healthcare services. Nowadays, one can observe huge drawbacks in this system, which result in serious and usually dangerous outcomes. Therefore, one can speak about the introduction of the immediate reforms, which would protect the healthcare system in a proper way and provide only high qualitative services and treatment.
In fact, one can name many aspects in the US healthcare system which suffer from the imperfection and uncertainties. Very often, these drawbacks can seriously affect the patients’ health and result in poor quality of treatment. One of such aspects is connected with the relationships between the healthcare system and insurance companies. This is the first element to be changed and reformed in the healthcare. According to the latest researches, many people cannot achieve proper treatment because of the refusal of insurance companies to cover the costs. For instance, insurance companies usually do not want to cover the treatment costs for the seriously sick patients. Moreover, plenty of clients find them unable to undergo the treatment in a proper way in case they have some other serious diseases. Such a situation may seriously damage the patients’ health conditions or even lead to the lethal consequences.
Some steps can be taken in order to reform this problem. Firstly, there is a need to provide people with the possibility to achieve medical coverage without applying to the insurance companies’ services. This reform will give people more rights and opportunities in controlling their health conditions. Moreover, it will reduce the role of the insurance companies and increase the level of patients’ independence. Thus, all people will be able to achieve a qualitative and opportune treatment.
The second problem calling for a reform is a lack of professional personnel. Very often, healthcare employees do not possess sufficient knowledge and professional skills in order to provide high qualitative services. Obviously, such a situation cannot improve the patients’ health and increase the quality of the treatment. This problem is especially topical in case with the seriously sick patients, whose treatment demands accuracy and preciseness. Therefore, there is a need to provide annual qualifications, aimed at the testing of the healthcare personnel in order to reveal whether they possess professional skills to provide medical services. Professional staff and management is the other key to success in the sphere of healthcare.
Third, modern healthcare system tends to provide poor quality of treatment and other services . For instance, patients complain about the insufficient treatment and ineffective medical services. Moreover, according to McGlynn, plenty of patients achieve only a half of the recommended and required treatment procedures. In fact, many factors contribute to this problem. As a result, it can be solved only in a complex with other aspects. What is interesting, the poor quality of medical services is not always caused by the low prices for treatment. The researchers announce that there are no relations between the poor quality services, prices and geographical areas. Therefore, we can assume that it is a national problem, which should be immediately reformed. One of the possible solutions for this problem consists in providing the hospitals with the needed equipment, professional staff and appropriate payment rates.
The next healthcare problem, which should be reformed, consists in the lack of informational and technological supply. In fact, there is a need to provide the information technology advancements, including the electronic medical, or health record. In fact, such a strategy of development is very significant for the effectiveness of the health care sphere. As the technological progress advances within every year, it is quite possible to introduce the newest researches into practice. It will help to expand the scopes of medical procedures and involve new services, available for clients.
Moreover, such a strategy will highly increase the productivity of the health care services and place them on a higher level of development. Obviously, the introduction of the technological innovations demands plenty of costs and efforts. Therefore, following such a strategy may appear to be a formidable task for many healthcare organizations. Nevertheless, right management and keeping the detailed plan can help to cope with this task successfully.
The fifth challenge to face is connected with the problem of financing and economics. Very often, health care organizations do not achieve the needed amount of costs in order to function in a proper way. Therefore, it should look for the alternative ways of getting the appropriate funding. One of the possible solutions is to create a huge fund for the local community with the applicable programs of financing. The funds can be created at the national level as well.
Additionally, they can be distributed to the local administrators in charge of the health care organizations. It is possible to apply to the insurance companies or tax-based systems in order to raise funds. Such a strategy is quite effective for the healthcare practices. It allows involving the necessary costs in order to improve the current position and introduce innovations in the present practices (Davis, 2008).
Nowadays, healthcare system faces plenty of inaccuracies. Only effective and opportune reforms can help to provide high quality of services and availability of the medical treatment for all groups of society. Therefore, the government should try to implement these innovations in the healthcare system as quickly as possible in order to avoid negative consequences or drawbacks of modern healthcare system.
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Jessica Goldner

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