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Monday, 12 December 2022 12:53

Accelerated Skin Science

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When I wake up in the morning or before I go to bed, the last thing I want to do is spend a ton of time in the bathroom, and I know I am not alone in that aspect. Working with several practicing aestheticians, I often hear how it is a struggle to motivate clients to commit to their routines, especially when it is complex. Consequently, when I learned of Hydrinity Accelerated Skin Science and their roots as skinimalists, I was excited to test their products. A former regenerative medicine company making advanced wound care products, surgical devices, and drug delivery systems for oncology and hematology patients, they began experimenting with hyaluronic-acid technology for skin repair and antiaging serums for at-home use.  

This led to their medical-grade products being produced in microbatches, 1200% smaller than conventional hyaluronic-acid batch formulas. This process creates over 99% purity. “Just two pumps of two products two times a day for two weeks, Hydrinity delivers dramatic results.” A catchy claim, I could only imagine what the products’ success could mean for those skin professionals looking to condense those busy clients’ homecare plans. 

I began using their Restorative Kit and was pleased to see my new routine lived up to the simplicity. They also offer an Age Renewal Kit for those with are concerned about fine lines and wrinkles. With Hydrinity’s two-two-two mantra, I was ready to take my routine to a new level when it comes to saving time and money without the compromise of results.  



The Restorative Kit consists of the Hyacyn Active Purifying Mist, which is also in the Age Renewal Kit, and the Restorative HA Serum. The Hyacyn Active Purifying Mist is a treatment spray that removes dirt, oil, bacteria, and impurities from skin without stripping by balancing skin’s pH levels. It reduces inflammation and keeps pores clear, so serums and other moisturizing products are more effective. I was a little worried to stop my regular acne product after finally getting a handle on my breakouts, but I was pleasantly surprised to see my overall condition had improved.   

The Restorative HA Serum, as well as their Renewing HA Serum, have twice as much hyaluronic acid than many other brands’ products. The serums feature a supercharged hyaluronic acid complex and PPM6 Complex. The supercharged hyaluronic acid complex strengthens skin’s moisture barrier and evens skin tone and texture. I found it particularly interesting that the hyaluronic acid present in their serums’ formulas contained both higher and lower molecular weight. High-weight molecules draw moisture to the skin’s surface, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increasing elasticity. The low-weight molecules penetrate deeper into the dermal layer of skin to deliver the PPM6 peptides, which contain all three of the polypeptide chains found in collagen and antioxidants to generate healthy, smooth, and luminous skin. Additional power-house ingredients include Kakadu plum, ginger root extract, algae extract, hexapeptide leaf extract, squalene, and bisabolol.  

 The serum is clear with a thicker consistency that feels protective but does not weigh on skin. Since I began my two-week challenge, my skin has improved in texture and has a natural shine that did not go unnoticed (or uncomplimented). The process takes less than three minutes, which is perfect for my impatient self and clients alike.  


In addition to being an excellent solution for people who do not or cannot spend a lot of time on extensive skin care routines, Hydrinity’s skin care kits also prevent sensitivity and irritation from using too many products or products with conflicting formulations – a must for the modern, overly eager skin care consumer. After embracing the ease, I can safely say I am a true skinimalist, thanks to Hydrinity.  

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