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Judit Fuster 

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A licensed aesthetician of 27 years and certified laser technician, Judit Fuster is a service provider at the CONRAD Spa in Florida.

Whatis your educational background, and how do you continue your education in the industry?

Iam a master aesthetician and laser technician and have just received my electrolysis certification. I have always worked to stay educated about the skin care and beauty industry, and I am really passionate about every new thing. I continue my education through in-person classes and online courses.

Howlong have you been practicing, and why did you choose this field?

Ihave been an aesthetician for 27 years. I began my career in Hungary, and then connected my work as an aesthetics instructor to workin Virginia eight years ago. I finally came to work in Florida two years ago. I became an aesthetician because I have always loved the beauty industry and wanted to make others feel more beautiful. I also loved studying and learning more about skin and how it functionsas an organ.

Whyis Repêchage your ultimate go-to skin care brand, and how has it helped you become one of the best professionals in the industry?

Our spa is located at Fort Lauderdale, Florida and this skin care line, made with sustainably harvested seaweed, fits in perfectly with our location and brandpersonality. The brand also represents authority because the treatments provide such instant, visible results. Additionally, it is very important to work with a brand that is a CIDESCOassociate member, with approved manufacturing standards and does things the right way. Repêchage has products that are dermatologist tested and plastic surgeon recommended. Our confidence in the efficacy of the products contributes to our success.

Whydid you choose Repêchage, and how did you find out about them?

TheCONRAD Spa is about empowering our guests to discover this destination and to make a positive impact. Repêchage aligns with this mission. We first learned about Repêchage at the IECSC show in West Palm Beach, and there was an instant connection. Theyare family owned, manufacture all their products in the United States, and are dedicated to excellence with their products. The cultivation and infusion of seaweed into every product, along with the way they ensure the highest quality, best ingredients, areall truly aligned with CONRAD’s dedication to excellence and integrity in everything we do.

Howdo you stay educated with this brand?

Weare in constant communication with the brand owners. Shiri Sarfati, the executive vice president, visits us for one-on-one training anytime we ask. I also attend the online master classes once a month,and their educational portal atlydiasarfati.comis always up-to-date. If I have any question pertaining to protocol or need to find out more about a certain ingredient, it is readily available. We get monthly reminders so we can stay informed about what is happening and canimmediately translate new techniques in a practical way in the treatment room.

Whatbenefits do your clients see from using the retail of the brand?

Afterthe professional treatments, we always consult on what would be the best products to help maintain the effects of the facial. Repêchage now has starter collections that work alongside all the professional facials. With products available in travel sizes, our clients can continue nourishing their skin and enjoying the results. 

Howdo you promote yourself and the brand?

Wehave events for our community once a quarter, which we promote on social media. These events help us reach out beyond our clients to new people in the area. We also have monthly promotionsgeared towards our clients that we promote throughout the property on reader boards, in the guest suites, through concierge services, and in the restaurants.

Besidesworking with the brand, what else has helped you become one of the best?

Itake the clients on a journey through education and consultation so that they will not only receive the instant gratification of the visible results but will also be able to retain the benefitsat home. It is so important to educate my clients on the proper skin care, from cleansing to moisturization to especially protection because of the weather in Florida.

Howdo you give back to the industry or community?

Igive back to my community through the positive energy I bring to my work, which affects not only my clients but my co-workers. It is what we give each other that is important. Here at the CONRAD I am always giving skin advice – how skin can be maintained, howto be diligent, and the steps clients need to take to have beautiful skin. I give back by always educating. This creates a domino effect.

Judit’s Must-Have Products 

RepêchageHydra Dew Pure™ Gentle Foaming Cleanser 

RepêchageAlgo®  Mist Hydrating Seaweed Facial Spray 

RepêchageHydro Complex®  PFS Moisturizing Cream 

RepêchageMineral Face Shield®


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