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Elina Fedotova 

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Award-winning aesthetician, cosmetic chemist, Founderand Chief Formulator for Elina Organics and president of the Association of Holistic Skincare Practitioners.


How has this skincare brand helped professionals be the best in the industry, and why should others make the line their ultimate go-to?

I believe the Elina Organics skincare line is exactly what aestheticians need. Today, skincare professionals are looking for a well-established and reputable corrective clinical skincare product line made from organic ingredients that can deliver visible results. Clients are searching for solutions.The ideal skin care product line should have effective homecare products, servdifferent complexions, and have a wide variety of professional backbar masks, peels, and other treatment products to create unique and completely customized facials


When you were creating this brand, what gaps in the industry were you looking to fill?

Many organic skincare product lines are made from pure ingredients, but they do not deliver clinical results. I wanted to bring very sophisticated formulations that can naturally deliver active nutrients to nourish live skin cells and successfully compete with medical products results. Elina Organics offers aestheticians a wide variety of retail and backbar products to create their unique approach for each complexion.Most skincare professionals love to create uniquely nourishing masks and adjust the products to tailor for each client, specifically clients who have cancer, exceedingly sensitive skin, or other challenges.


How do you offer education on your brand

Instead of sales representatives, we use the help of aestheticians who work with Elina Organics to train new accounts locally. For all skincare professionals whovisit the Elina Organics headquarters in Michigan or the Elina Organics Spa in Chicago, Illinois, we offerthe opportunity for free, hands-on education. We hold regular online and in-person training workshops, as well as phone conferences. 


What benefits can spas and skin care professionals expect when using or retailing this brand?

All of our educational events are complimentary for Elina Organics professionals. For accounts, we do not require a large opening order or order minimum. We work with each account to create a unique approach based on their business size and needs at that time. Wealso adjust protocols based on their clientele. We offer a drop-shipping program, an affiliate program, and allow them to sell our products on their website as well. 


Besides working with the brand, what else has helped you become one of the best?

In 2007, I founded the Association of Holistic Skincare Practitioners to provide professional education on holistic skincare methods and the philosophy from the best experts in holistic health, science, and medical fields.  

What is your educational background, and how do you continue your education in the industry?

I hold a degree in chemistry and studiedherbology and homeopathy while in Moscow, Russia. Since moving to the United States in 1991, I obtained and currently still hold my aesthetic license and have continuously studied through cosmetic chemistry workshops and seminars in holistic health in the United States, Russia, and Europe.


How long have you been practicing and why did you choose this field?

I have practiced in the field for over 25 years. I chose this field because of the inspiration I get from clients and their life in order to create natural skincare formulas which work.


How do you give back to the industry or community? 

We provide complimentary services for people in challenging life situations and donate products. Wedonated hundreds of hand sanitizers, sanitizing mists, and skincare products earlier in the pandemic to hospitals, medical offices, and nurses. The Association of Holistic Skincare Practitioners is a nonprofit that I spend a lot of time dedicated to. I educate aestheticians on the safest and most effective methods and ingredients, education on nutrition, and functional medicine that delivers real results to clients. 


Why are these products on your must-have list?

1. Oil Control Formula 

  1. Ambra Lift Elixir
  2. Skin Recovery Protective Healing Cream 
  3. Angelite Crystal Elixir 


Find Elina on Instagram @elinaorganics,

elinaroganics.com, or call 321-722-8122


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