Webinar: Consultations & Retailing with Clients Through Telecommunication

Less Patients, More Revenue Patient


This webinar will cover tele-medicine and concierge medicine consultations. Skin care professionals can learn how to create a perfect before and after portfolio, along with boosting the client’s overall experience. Learn how to retail product and treatment package sales with help from Synergy MedSales.


Austin Podowski serves as chairman of AJMP Holdings, a diverse healthcare and entertainment portfolio company with majority stake in several healthcare-based medical technology companies. As CEO of Synergy MedSales, he directs market strategy, distribution, M&A, and funding. After an early exit from digital marketing, retail, and dental supply companies, Podowski has spent the last decade in medical technology acting as a proven zipline of efficacious technology to the medical aesthetic and cosmetic surgery industry. 


Morrisa Morin is a medical aesthetician and laser technician with a degree in education. She has been in the space for over 10 years working under a surgeon, in cosmetic dentistry, a high-end medical spa, and having her own aesthetic suite. In addition to this, she is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She has a passion for educating and helping others in their health and wellness starting from the inside and out.   




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