Webinar: Reinventing Ourselves in a Time of Crisis

Come see the Sugar Queen and global authority on body sugaring hair removal, Lina Kennedy, share very candidly how she and her team are reinventing the future of their business. While salons and beauty professionals are facing unprecedented setbacks, Alexandria Professional® is forging its own path forward, not only for the company but for the entire beauty community.

In this webinar, Lina Kennedy will speak about her way of embracing change, moving forward, and her new program for supporting beauty professionals, helping them earn revenue and stay up to date with sugaring skills.


Meet the presenter - Lina Kennedy!

As the founder and president of Alexandria Professional, the global authority in body sugaring hair removal, Lina Kennedy has spent the last three decades immersed in the beauty business. She is an entrepreneur, inventor, teacher, and recognized beauty industry innovator, having developed and pioneered a proprietary sugaring process for the removal of unwanted hair. Alexandria Professional is taught in beauty schools worldwide and has distributions in over 30 countries.

Lina Kennedy’s critically acclaimed autobiography, “The Sugar Queen”, is described as “a must-read story of courage and determination” that chronicles her life from small town upbringing to multi-million-dollar empire.






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