Webinar: Sugaring Made Simple

Sugaring Made Simple Sugaring Made Simple

Sugaring Made Simple
Presented by Lina Kennedy

Discover the secret to perfect hair removal – body sugaring! What is body sugaring? Is it similar to waxing? Join the global pioneer of sugaring, Lina Kennedy, as she shares her knowledge on the true benefits of professional body sugaring.

Meet the Presenter - Lina Kennedy!

Lina Kennedy is the President and CEO of Alexandria Professional, a worldwide leader in body sugaring epilation. Kennedy is the pioneer of “professional” body sugaring and master trainer of practitioners and distributors in more than 32 countries. As a beauty industry innovator, Kennedy has developed a full line of all-natural skin care products and treatments that are safe and effective for all hair and skin types. Kennedy is dedicated to ensuring that each professional trained in body sugaring learns and understands the exceptional results they and their clients can achieve through the Kennedy Theory. She is a motivational speaker, the author of numerous articles in beauty trade magazines, and is a multi-patent holder.


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