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Written by Alitura Naturals

Five years ago in Los Angeles CA, I was crossing the chaotic Melrose Avenue when I was struck by a westbound Toyota tundra, hit into the eastbound lane, and run over by a land rover. I shattered my jaw from my chin to my ear and had to have two titanium plates inserted to assist in the regrowth of my bone. In addition to the compound jaw fracture, I also broke seven ribs and suffered a collapsed lung.

Needless to say, I am very lucky to be here today.

Up until the accident, I spent six years in the entertainment industry as a working model and actor. I'd walked the runway for Calvin Klein, Levis, done numerous print campaigns, and shot several national commercials. I had stints on Days of our Lives, Bold and Beautiful, and HBO's Entourage. Things were looking promising until my world was turned upside down by the accident.

But I knew I had only one option- to find a way to overcome this adversity and ultimately come back better than ever. It took awhile but I did just that by formulating an all natural clay mask which against all odds healed and restored my skin.

I began a search to purchase something like this clay mask but couldn't find anything like it... and this is the reason I'm writing to you today.

I knew something so powerful and life changing needed to be shared with the word...and in the blink of an eye I went from model to entrepreneur...

After spending years researching different earth grown superfoods, botanicals and essential oils I've developed what I believe to be the best, all-natural skin care products in the world.

Which is why I founded my company Alitura Naturals (

In less than a year since launching my products I have now shipped to 32 countries. My acting and modeling career is back and better than it ever was. I booked and shot a guest star for HBO'S Hello Ladies, shot a national commercial for Coppertone and I am currently the face of Oakley's 2015 campaign. (Pictures attached)

I started this company to provide others with skin that radiates beauty and to give hope to those who have suffered physical injuries which seem damaged beyond repair.


Andy Hnilo
Founder and CEO, Alitura Naturals


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