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The Best Wrap Practices for Skin Care Professionals

Written by   Heather Kreider, L.E., co-owner of Makes Scents Natural Spa Line

Body wraps, with their hydrating and detoxifying benefits, provide clients’ skin with immense benefits. But, as with any other treatment, proper preparation is an absolute must. It cannot be stressed enough that preparation goes well beyond choosing exceptional products.

To truly delight clients, preparation also requires paying attention to other aspects of the treatment experience. In order to give clients plenty of incentive to keep returning (and tell their friends, family, and neighbors about their unforgettable treatment), consider the following five steps to preparing for the perfect wrap.

1. Create an irresistibly-inviting environment.
Do not shortcut the effort of establishing a calming environment where clients feel completely comfortable. Nothing sets the wrong tone for a client’s experience like a cold and uninviting, wet treatment room. In order to ensure that the treatment room soothes stress and provides relaxation, make sure it is warm and dry and create an enticing product display with key ingredients aesthetically featured. This display will give clients even more of a reason to look forward to the treatment and pique their interest, increasing the chances that they may purchase the product after their session. Professionals should also talk with their clients about the products and ingredients to demonstrate their knowledge and instill confidence in their expertise.
When setting the correct tone in the treatment room, it is also important to get the draping right. While each client has a different preference (some require more modesty in how they are draped while others are less self-conscious), the key is to remain professional at all times and keep each client’s comfort in mind. Provide clients with flexible draping options, including draping towels or disposable undergarments, and always allow clients to choose what they find most comfortable.

2. Prepare the client’s skin to get the most from the wrap treatment.
As time goes by, the skin’s natural ability to refresh itself diminishes. As babies, the turnover rate of skin cells is approximately two weeks. This rate slows down to about 28 days by the time the teenage years and the twenties are reached. By 50 years old, the cell turnover process takes four-to-six weeks to complete. Since most clients have skin that is not efficient at rejuvenating itself, it is important to gently exfoliate it prior to a wrap treatment. Doing so will improve the skin’s texture and tone, lighten pigmentation, and allow for a more even penetration of products.
According to Jennifer Mueller M.D., a physician at Dermatology Associates of Lancaster, “Light exfoliation removes the uppermost portion of the epidermis. This improves the effectiveness of topical products, such as serums, creams, or masks, by allowing them to penetrate more deeply since the top layer of skin has been removed.”

3. Always keep the client comfortable.
Cold, shivering clients during a body treatment will not lead to glowing testimonials. Maintaining an ideal temperature is one of the top challenges spa professionals face in the wet treatment room. Professionals can overcome that potential obstacle by warming the room prior to the appointment and paying attention to the temperature throughout the treatment so that it can be adjusted if needed. Furthermore, anytime they remove product from a client (such as after a shower or Vichy shower) or remove a steam towel, cover clients immediately. If possible, use warmed towels to envelop guests in a luxurious touch and to keep them warm. Professionals should also try to only expose the area of the client’s body that they are working on at the time.
After applying a wrap to a specific section of the body, immediately cover the area with thermoplastic film to hold in body heat and increase the client’s body temperature. When it comes to positioning comfort, always place a bolster behind the client’s knees when they are supine. The bolster will help alleviate pressure on the lumbar spine by de-accentuating the curvature of the lower back.

4. Be present.
When clients are paying for a full service treatment, they anticipate a pampering experience in which they have the professional’s undivided attention and care. Do not leave clients unattended; they are not paying for the professional to run off to the break room for a snack or to chat with coworkers. When the clients is completely wrapped, consider offering what many spas now provide during the 15-to-20 minutes their guests are relaxing: pressure point facial massages, scalp massages, and/or foot massages.

5. Make safety the highest priority.
While professionals want their clients to relax and love their treatments, they also need the client to be safe as wet treatment rooms can be a serious danger zone. Because water and oil do not mix, floors and wet treatment tables can become perilously slick. Help guarantee the client’s safety by making sure all surfaces are dry prior to the client leaving the table (wipe the wet treatment table and the floor); slowly helping the client to a seated position to prevent lightheadedness and/or syncopal episodes (unconsciousness); placing a clean and dry towel, the client’s footwear, and a robe where they exit the table so they do not have to reach for anything; and helping them off of the table.

As professionals look for ways to provide their clients with a spa experience they will rave about, paying attention to every last detail in all treatments will help set them apart – wraps are no exception. By following these practices, professionals will be on their way to having enchanted clients and warm referrals “wrapped up.”

Heather Kreider, co-owner of Make Scents Natural Spa Line, has lived and breathed the spa industry for 19 years. Her credentials include post-graduate certification in advanced skin care at the International Dermal Institute and experience as an aesthetician specializing in European skin care. Besides her company’s signature line of products, they also create custom formulations for spas that wish to offer their own distinctive treatments. All of their products are certified cruelty-free by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics. 717-824-3094 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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