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Great Rose Treatments

The rose has the distinction of being considered one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and to many, it alone holds this title. With innumerable poems, stories, paintings, legends, and myths associated with it; varied colors, incomparable fragrance, shapes, and sizes, the rose captivates us all.
Part of the Rosaceae family, the essential oil of the rose is extracted from the petals by a centuries-old solvent extraction method called enfleurage. To obtain a single drop of rose oil it typically takes 30 roses, placing rose oil as one of the most precious essential oils in the world.

It is contemplated to have no equal in skin care when used for moisturizing, firming, smoothing, and repairing the skin. Evidence of such standing can be pointed out in its ability to not irritate the skin and its cooling, calming, and soothing benefits. The rose also has a positive effect on broken superficial capillaries; therefore, it is considered an ideal ingredient when dealing with mature, dry, or sensitive skin. In addition to its topical benefits, rose oil also has a history of being valuable when dealing with emotional shock, grief, mental tension, irritability, emotional coldness, and depression.
Within this month’s Great Treatments section, we have included several different treatments from around the country that use roses as their main ingredient in hopes that they will inspire you with new thoughts and ideas on how to update or revitalize your service menu.

Champagne & Rose Body Scrub
$150 for 60 minutes

A delightful and luxurious exfoliating treatment utilizing the properties of the grape, full body champagne and rose body scrub removes dead skin cells from your client’s body as it deeply hydrates. Follow with a light massage using champagne and rose body butter, then wrap their skin in a thermal blanket to promote complete absorption for silkier and smoother skin.
AJ's Spa Millennium
Beachwood, Ohio

Champagne and Rose Pedicure
$55 for 60 minutes

A luxurious indulgence... your client’s feet will thank you. Relaxation with great results; this treatment uses a champagne and rose mineral bath which provides your clients with a superior additive assisting in the removal of dead skin cells, softening of calluses, killing of fungus, and strengthening of nails. Grape enzyme helps slough away dead skin cells and calluses. A rose scrub is used to polish off the skin and a rich champagne and rose butter cream brings this fabulous treatment to an end.
Simply Your Spa
Charleston, SC

European Rose Body Wrap
$85 for 50 minutes

Allow your clients to breathe in the aromatic fragrance of the French countryside as they are nestled in a rich, hydrating cocoon. The remarkable mud used for this body wrap contains soothing rose clay extracted from the Provence region of France. This is the ultimate wrap for skin refining and extreme hydration; perfectly suited for dry, delicate skin.
By The Sea Inn & Spa
Branford, Conn.

Rachele Rose Signature Massage
$125 for 60 minutes, $190 for 90 minutes

This signature massage is designed to bring your client’s mind, body, and spirit together as they melt into a state of total bliss. The aesthetician will utilize a personalized selection of relaxation techniques to engage the client’s senses and soothe away stress. Warm, moist towels and lightly scented rose oils are used to add that special touch leaving your client totally relaxed and energy balanced.
Rachele Rose Day Spa
Hartsdale, NY

Rose Lover’s Spa Day
$248 for 180 minutes

This spa package includes a rose paraffin hand treatment, a rose petal body scrub, a rose oil massage, a rose petal facial, and a rose essential oil scalp treatment. The rose essential oil scalp treatment will be rejuvenating for both the hair and the scalp of your client. For this treatment your client’s scalp is vigorously massaged with rose essential oil to loosen the build up caused by the environment and hair products.
In Touch Massage & Day Spa
Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Wrapped in Roses
$130 for 50 minutes

A dry brushing prepares your client’s skin to be cleansed and detoxified with a full body hydrating mineral mask. While they are wrapped in European rose mud, the aesthetician will continue this luxurious treatment with a scalp massage using pressure points. For the finishing touch, a rose moisture lotion will be applied to restore and soften the client’s skin.
Town and Country Resort Hotel Spa & Wellness
San Diego, Calif.

Signature Champagne & Roses Massage with French Clay Facial
$140 for 90 minutes, $185 for 120 minutes

Allow your client to get a taste of heaven with a full body aromatherapy massage of light to medium pressure which increases serotonin levels and promotes total mind and body relaxation. Your client will slip away into a luxurious and tranquil state of mind and body while their face benefits from rich botanical extracts penetrating deep into their skin to improve elasticity and suppleness. Powerful minerals extract impurities and aid in the rejuvenation of your client’s skin.
Clifton, NJ

The Rose Garden Signature Treatment
$225 for 100 minutes

Based off of the premise that a signature treatment should focus on the particular benefits of a specific fruit, flower, herb, or element from the earth, The Rose Garden Signature Treatment does not disappoint. This signature treatment includes a rose petal bath, rose petal body polish, and rose essential oil massage - utilizing the finest "single note" essential rose oil, rather than a blend, so your client can experience the unique and special qualities held within.
The Garden Spa
Sonoma, Calif.

“Be Rosy" Facial
Product Line: Eminence Organic Sweet Red
Rose Collection

$85 for 50 minutes

This wonderful facial energizes and restores a balance to your clients with a more sensitive skin type. The use of Eminence Organic Sweet Red Rose Collection strengthens and improves the skins circulation removing toxins gently from within leaving a firmer more youthful appearance on the skin's surface. The organic Bulgarian roses used in the collection help create micro-circulation within the small capillary walls of the skin. This calm but stimulating effect helps gently flush and remove the build up of toxins allowing blood and oxygen to flow freely. With high levels of vitamin C, the roses help soothe and calm inflammation – one of the main reasons for aging skin. Skin is left soft, and subtle with an inner "rosy glow."
New Orleans, La.

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