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Great Mud Treatments

The belief in the healing powers of mud has been around for thousands of years. It has been said that men would travel from around the world to catch a glimpse of Cleopatra, who it is believed, occasionally bathed in mud to beautify her skin. Although, in modern times the actual benefits of bathing in mud have not been scientifically proven, people who use it swear by its effects.
There are a couple of different ways to include mud or clay in a skin care treatment, whether as a bath, mask or wrap. And with the wide variety of different clays and muds to choose from such as: Kaolin (white or rose), Bentonite, Rhassoul, Blue and Red Montmorillonite, and Moroccan Red clay, and Dead Sea (black) mud – just to name a few – the possibilities abound.
Jam packed with minerals such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, bromine, silica, sulfur, calcium chloride and calcium; muds and clays provide many benefits for the skin, including – but not limited to:

  • Improving and treating various skin ailments such as acne, eczema, wrinkles, psoriasis, skin rashes and dandruff.
  • Hydrates and moisturizes skin deep within.
  • Fine mud and/or clay granules gently cleanse and detoxify pores sucking out any impurities and toxins – improving a youthful complexion.
  • Improves medical conditions, such as arthritis, bone and cartilage inflammation, rheumatism, stress, fatigue and sleeplessness
  • Ameliorates overall texture of the skin – helps firm and tighten, and it is considered to be great for circulation.
  • Enhances cell metabolism, helping the body absorb nourishment and eliminate toxins.
  • Touted as being a great source to reduce water retention and minor cellulite, nourish irritated or inflamed skin, and can assist with balancing oil production.

Using mud as a way to treat skin may seem unorthodox or even strange, however for clients looking for alternative, holistic skin care treatments, this just might be what their liking for. Therefore, it should not be a surprise that mud and clay treatment continue to make an appearance in treatment rooms around the world. As a result, we have included several different treatments that include them as a primary ingredient in hopes to inspire you with new thoughts and ideas on how to update or revitalize your service menu.

Mineral Mud Treatment
$140 for 60 minutes
We all know how vital it is to take care of our bodies inside and out. This treatment is a warming mineral mud wrap that is finished with a hydrating lotion and lymph drainage massage which detoxifies your client's skin. This treatment is designed to relax, firm, detoxify and uplift.
Appease Inc.
Chicago, Ill.

Adobe Lavender Hydrating Cocoon
$115 for 50-minutes
Your client's skin is lightly exfoliated and prepared for maximum absorption of a mineral rich Utah mud containing Omega 3 and 6, vitamin B3, and avocado oil. This treatment is recommended for sore muscles and to reduce tissue inflammation.
Red Mountain Resort & Spa
St. George, Utah

Volcanic Mud Treatment
$130 for 50 minutes
Detoxify, purify and smooth your client's body. Begin with an exfoliation of your client's body using luscious mineral salts, followed by the application of a volcanic mud derived from the richest sources of the earth. Volcanic mud purifies and detoxifies for a renewed sense of well being and also restores hydration to the skin, while healing and soothing inflammation.
Spa Toccare at Borgata
Atlantic City, N.J.

Foot Dessert
$40 for 45 minutes
Revive your client's feet with a soothing, hot towel foot exfoliation massage. Their feet will be stretched and compressed while wrapped in hot towels. An exfoliation scrub is then applied to stimulate and invigorate, removed with a hot towel and followed by a foot mud wrap. To finish this treatment an intense hydrating foot cream is used to perform a full foot massage.
The Body Shop Massage & Day Spa
Chandler, Ariz.

Black Mud Body Treatment
$85.00 for 60 minutes
Excellent for arthritis and muscular stress; relax and enjoy the healing properties of black mud from the Dead Sea. This special mud cleanses, revitalizes and tones the skin. Through the deep penetration of minerals, it stimulates circulation, relieves tension and naturally exfoliates. In addition to its healing properties, it will make your client's skin radiate with a healthy glow.
Avanté Salon & Spa
West Chester, PA

Mystic Journey
$300 for 75 minutes
This is an astonishing body/facial ritual. To begin, your client will enjoy an aromatherapy sandalwood application along the spine. Then the aesthetician will apply a mandarin body gommage with organic pure virgin coconut oil. Warm towels remove your client's gommage leaving a silky glow to their skin. A lavish champagne mud is applied before they are wrapped in a blanket of warm towels to maximize their experience. A restorative facial will stimulate the essential functions of your client's skin and repair cell damage, coupled with a mini scalp treatment will help send them into their own relaxing sensory journey.
Qua Baths & Spa
Las Vegas, Nev.

Moor Mud Wrap
$160 for 50 minutes
Long recognized for its ability to calm, soothe and balance, this mineral and trace element-rich Austrian mud eases aches and nurtures skin. Warm mud is applied and allowed to penetrate while the head, neck and feet are massaged and our scalp-stimulating treatment is applied. After a rinse, the client's replenishing session concludes with an application of a rich body lotion.
Canyon Ranch, The Spa
Lenox, Mass.

White Mud and Dead Sea Mud Treatment in Cloud Bath
€ 35,00 for 30 minutes
Cloud bath is an innovative technique of floating that allows your client to relax their body and mind. Muscles uncramp, the spinal column is stretched and the body lets itself go with the beneficial and tonifying action of water. This mud treatment is a purifying and re-mineralizing body treatment that, thanks to the mud properties, effects an intense skin cleaning and bestows it with a relaxed and healthy complexion.
TANGERINE SPA Benessere & Beauty
Via dei Villini, 8 - FIUGGI (FR) Italy

Pre- and Post-Natal Treatment
$240 for 90 minutes
This pre- and post-natal treatment is a total body treatment that has been carefully designed for those who are expecting or have just had a baby. Taking into account all contraindications, this treatment avoids the use of essential oils and is a luxurious experience using calendula-infused oil, pink clay mud and various nourishing creams with advanced massage techniques to safe areas. This treatment improves the tonicity and comfort of the skin and creates a sense of total relaxation.
The Peninsula Spa by ESPA
Chicago, Ill.


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