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Tools of the Trade: Aging Skin

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Trendsetters give insight on the tools they recommend 
for aging skin.


Marc-RosengartenMRBio France Lab Co-Owner
Marc Rosengarten
"Go to Bio Active French Peel Off Mask after any invasive procedure! It immediately reduces inflammation, while cooling, toning, emulsifying, and soothing the skin. Spirulina and sunflower oil create a protective barrier as a mega inflammation modulator. Arnica and edelweiss relieve pain and assist in healing hematoma and flaking skin. Menthol and peppermint are super soothing, cooling, and invigorating. Enjoy the bio active tingling cold cryo healing effect of this mask. It is ideal after microdermabrasion and peels."





Ginamarie Products President
Gina McGuire
"Our Nutrient Serum is without a doubt one of our most popular products for all ages but particularly for clients concerned about aging skin. I love how the Nutrient Serum dramatically changes the skin within seconds. One small drop of the serum and you can immediately see a healthier skin tone. In addition to nourishing the skin, the Nutrient Serum also assists in reducing fine lines by making them less noticeable and is extremely effective in repairing sun damaged skin."



Francine-KagarakisFKLira Clinical Co-Owner and Co-Founder
Francine Kagarakis
"Our PRO C4 Retinol Serum is my favorite product. I use this serum as a person who manages pigmentation and anti-aging; it allows my skin to be treatment ready. It contains one percent retinol, enough to make a difference, but not too strong as to cause inflammation. It is also formulated with four forms of vitamin C, including tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (BV-OSC, a lipid soluble form of vitamin C), and four types of plant stem cells, which is important for cell nourishment and repair."



Devon-PerryDPVeritas Bio Active Cosmetics Founder and President
Devon Perry
"Our Iconic A Complex has blown us away with its results from the gene-panel-analysis we have conducted on it. I am really intrigued by our ability to influence our genetics with topical skin care. Not only does it perform closest to a prescription strength tretinoin, but it actually reduces inflammation at the genetic level, unlike the other vitamin A products on the market. So, for once, you can recommend the same vitamin A solution to sensitive-skinned clients and those suffering with inflamed acne!"




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Tools of the Trade