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Tools of the Trade: Hair Removal (2016)

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Trendsetters give insight on the tools they recommend 
for hair removal.


Lina-Kennedy-2014Alexandria Professional CEO and PresidentKiss
Lina Kennedy
“Our development team understands that being the world’s official professional sugaring pioneer was only the first step in becoming a game changer. We diligently worked on our Sugar Paste formulations until we were certain each of our five, environmentally-formulated sugar pastes were of a reliable quality, including the reliability to perform well without wastage; the reliability to perform on all skin types and optimize results; and reliability that turns into profit.”

Norma-Jean-Fusco 2016Nufree Owner nufree
Normajean Fusco
“I developed Nufree Nudesse antibacterial hair removal and patented finipil antiseptic/antibacterial over 35 years ago. My laboratory’s quest has always been to provide professionals with the most effective, safe, and profitability products. finipil, my amazing post-hair removal product is registered with the FDA and can be used after all types of hair removal, including electrolysis!”


Lydia-Jordane 2016Lycon Precision Wax Founder
Lydia Jordane purple
“I love to use Lycojet hot wax, either the Lavender or the Desert Rose, for all of those hard to get, stubborn hairs. It has chamomile to help soothe the skin and is a gentle, low-temperature wax. Lycojet is the perfect wax for the face and underarms and is excellent for Brazilians. It can get hair as short as one millimeter, which eliminates the need to tweeze!”


heather-wilson 2016Sugar Streak Co-owner and Director of Education
Heather Wilson sugar
“Skilled sugaring practitioners look for a sugar paste that provides control but also has the ability to seep into the hair follicle and extract the shortest hairs with a flick of the wrist. That is why Hard Streak is one of my favorite products. Although we designed Hard Streak to withstand heat and humidity, it’s versatility allows it to be broken down gradually, allowing the practitioner to maintain control of the paste. It can also be combined with our Soft Streak to create the perfect blend for every single sugaring service.” 



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Tools of the Trade