Gua Sha Guide: Facial Massage for Practitioners

Written by   Cecily Braden & Beth Griffing

Gua sha is a buzzword that has popularized facial massage, but it is important to understand that not everything splashed across the internet is solely based on Traditional Chinese Medical theory. In most cases, it is a modern adaption based on a fusion of facial massage modalities, using a gua sha stone.

While it is okay to fuse them, and extremely effective for obtaining long term results, it is important not to confuse them, as they each have their own philosophy and techniques that make them unique.

Unravel the complexities that has led to the success of gua sha in the aesthetics industry. Let’s first take a look at what gua sha is in the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine and scope of practice before tackling what it is not and some common myths.



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Cecily Braden




Cecily J. Braden is the Founder of CJB Beauty Secrets and a pioneer in the wellness industry, educating professionals globally since 1994. Her passion and desire to offer unique products and services that maintain the traditional techniques and philosophies of international cultures led her to develop a series of comprehensive training programs that reflect and honor the diversity and abundance of healing traditions practiced around the world. Braden’s down to earth approach to learning helps students interpret complex theory and master a vast range of techniques, enabling them to excel in the treatment room and provide fundamentally positive shifts in the health of their clients' skin and bodies. She was also featured in DERMASCOPE’s 2019 “A-List.” 



Beth Griffing




Beth Griffing Russell is a Portland, Oregon based licensed acupuncturist with a specialty in facial and neck treatment. She graduated from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine with a four-year master’s degree in 2011. Griffing is a board-certified Chinese herbalist, as well as a provider of Quantum Shiatsu and Thai Traditional Massage. She teaches facial gua sha and Thai herbal compress massage with an emphasis on the cultural context of healing modalities as it impacts the understanding and treatment of musculoskeletal and whole-body systems.

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