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Modern Makeup Trends in 2021

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Inclusivity – it’s something that that has received a fair amount of lip service until recent years, even in the beauty industry. However, the industry is one that can easily offer customization and personalization to everyone and thereby, prioritize inclusivity.  

Take for example, products that most clients use daily – liquid foundation, tinted moisturizer, BB or CC cream. Because skin color has a vast range of shades, if you haven’t already, this is the time to create a more customized approach to makeup offerings and to introduce makeup that caters to a variety of skin tones.  



Personalization has been a focus for many big conglomerate beauty brands for several years.  Emerging technologies have advanced how the customer can benefit from personalization. For example, it’s now possible to use an app that identifies a person’s best colors and skin care needs, in order to easily recommend or formulate custom products.  There are also big retail stores that have similar identification technologies to make it easier for customers to find products that solve their skin or makeup needs. Because many people are overwhelmed by the choices in large beauty stores, these technologies eliminate the guesswork for the beauty store employee and the overwhelmed customer.  



In addition to these technologies that are available to the public, the professional beauty industry needs to step up with an approach that leverages makeup knowledge and the client’s desire for customization.  Beauty professionals bring years of experience and advanced education that can’t be found elsewhere or from technology alone. In fact, the relationships with clients is the best way to learn about what is important to them as a person and what would be best for their skin in skin care and cosmetics.  

A rising cosmetic trend for 2021 will be the demand for offering products that can match anyone’s skin tone versus having products with a lack of skin tone diversity. Recently, I came across an app that is designed for the customer to take a series of photos of their face and tapping their phone on different parts of their body to get an a accurate read of the skin tone and voila! The custom foundation formula is shipped within 24 hours with their name on it.  So, the future of makeup has arrived.  In entering 2021, how does a beauty industry professional keep retail sale in spas strong and stay current with trend that we know are here to stay?



The answer starts by thinking through the client’s challenge.  Any client looking for the right foundation to match their skin tone can be overwhelmed at the thought of going to the drugstore or a large cosmetic store and staring at the endless brands, shades, and formulas on the shelves.  Often, they feel intimidated and will just guess what shade looks right or what shade they would like to be and not even consider the formula type. This intimidation or frustration can lead to quick, rash decisions. Even the most extensive shade ranges can accidently leave a skin tone out or force consumers to buy a couple of different shades to mix their perfect color on their own.  Clients need an easy solution. They simply want the best formula to look and feel their best. 


To do this in a spa, create an designated area to create a foundation formula with personalizing factors like shade, finish, and skin additives.  It simply takes researching the right brand that offers training and support, so a spa can be ready to offer this new, customized solution to clients. Your eye for color and education on skin care will help create the perfect personalized color and formulation for every client, including every single shade imaginable. 

As personalization continues to be a trend in the new year, adding custom foundation as an offering for clients is a smart business move.  



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Jaclyn Peresetsky is the founder of Skin Perfect Academy, Skin Perfect Spas, and Colore Me Perfect Analysis and Cosmetics.  Her passion lies in advanced education for aestheticians in real life aesthetics.  She contributes her expertise through speaking, writing, teaching, and continues to see her clients to advance her knowledge and skill to share with others. 



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