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Have you ever experienced a facial that provided you with new vision and helped you feel completely at peace with yourself and the world? Beyond relaxation you are free of mental chatter, emotional distress and even have more a-ha moments. If so, this is what healing the spirit feels like. We commonly refer to this as balancing body, mind, and spirit.
Aestheticians can now provide products and treatments that specifically target the spirit or energy body with a category I call EnergyCeuticals. When we work to address a depleted spirit, due to a stressful lifestyle, we also help to heal emotional, mental, and physical aspects as well. The difference is rejuvenation versus relaxation.

Let's look at how this works:
Balancing body, mind, and spirit really covers four areas: The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Each has its own characteristic qualities and best methods for reaching balance. For instance, the physical body is an area we are all familiar with. We know that to keep our bodies in balance we need to exercise, eat the right foods, get proper rest and sleep, take antioxidants and supplements for nutritional support.
The mental body is our computer brain and the information that has been programmed through childhood and life experiences. Information received gets processed to provide your outlook on life and reactions to daily events. With enough data you are pre-conditioned to respond automatically to a multitude of occurrences. Mental chatter is a result of programming run amok.
The emotional body is your emotions. Depending on how much you "feel" your way through life determines how you react to emotional triggers. Someone who is extremely emotional is always self-conscious about how they fit into their surroundings. They are constantly seeking approval. Lack of emotion on the other hand doesn't provide access to heart-felt resonance where we measure authenticity. When something resonates with the heart, we know on an instinctive level that it is true. We are drawn naturally to it because it "feels" right.
The spirit, or energy body as I often call it, is our life force energy. It is the essence that radiates from within and surrounds us in our aura. Someone with a healthy spirit has a twinkle in their eyes and a certain presence that is appealing to be around. Their essence radiates at first glance. When one's spirit is depleted you see an emptiness or dullness in the eyes. They are not present in spirit and may even appear to be running on auto-pilot. Therefore the saying the lights are on but nobody's home.
How does this happen?
When we are young our spirits are vibrant and whole. Think of small children at play. All of life is an adventure and they are full of spirit in their actions. We love to watch them as they are so free and delightful to be around.
Growing up, we become programmed and little by little we leave our energy behind. You fall off your bike and leave a little energy there, the neighborhood bully teases you and you leave more energy, your teacher gives you a bad grade, on and on…Life's experiences affect our spirit. By the time we reach adulthood, the spirit which was once whole and vibrant now looks like Swiss cheese.
I once had an experience of feeling someone's energy left behind on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. A little boy got lost at the theater on the ship and cried so hysterically that he left an imprint of his experience for others to feel on the ship decades later. He didn't die on the ship, only had a traumatic experience. Feeling his energy so clearly, altered my life and gave me insight as to how we leave our energy behind.
So how does one revive a depleted spirit? With whole energy.
EnergyCeuticals are a category of products that feed the spirit and fill in the energy gaps. They contain "spirit energy" such as from nature and Universal Life Force energy. As we work to fill the spirit we automatically address emotional and mental conflicts as well. Caught early enough it can also improve the health of the physical body.
Here are some of my favorite items along with a couple of recipes you can try at your salon or spa.

Flower Essences – not to be confused with essential oils, are considered the vibration or "spirit" of the plant. A special ritual is performed in nature to capture the spirit of the plant in water. The shelf life of the solution is then preserved with the addition of alcohol. Each plant has its own healing characteristics and issues it helps to resolve. You infuse the plant spirit with yours by taking it orally (3-4 drops under the tongue 3–4 times a day), placing it on the pulse points or spraying it in a mist.
Although there are many flower essences to choose from, some of the original formulas developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the mid 1930s are best to start with and the easiest to find. Packaged in little tincture bottles with a dropper, they are easy to use and carry with you. Please note that it may take more than one bottle to completely resolve an issue energetically.

The remedies I recommend and the solutions they provide are listed below:

1. White Chestnut clears mental chatter.

2. Walnut helps set boundaries and protection from outside sources.

3. Larch improves self-esteem and confidence.

4. Rock Water helps let go of unattainable standards set for yourself and others.

5. Vervain finds middle ground for those who tend to go to extremes.

6. Holly heals emotional wounds in order to accept and love yourself.

7. Rescue Remedy essence and cream combines five flowers and is beneficial for any imbalance or stressful situation.

Healing Stones and Gem Elixirs – colorful gemstones, crystals, and stones contain the key to balance. The spirit of nature feeds the spirit of you. Each stone has a vibrational pattern based on its color and composition. You may place them directly on the client over the appropriate Chakra based on color, infuse their energy in water to drink, use as a spray mist, or just hold them and admire them in your hands.
I recommend using polished stones as they are easiest to clean. Use running water over the stones to clear the energy and sanitize them between clients.

Below are some recommendations to use in your practice:

Black Tourmaline 1st Chakra – a very powerful stone that everyone can use to protect and clear negative energy.

Carnelian 2nd Chakra – to own and accept your feminine power providing a balance of male and female energies.

Citrine 3rd Chakra – to express yourself authentically

Malachite 4th Chakra – calms the emotions and enriches the depth and quality of feeling.

Apatite 5th Chakra – for more clarity in communication both verbal and written.

Sodalite 6th Chakra – for clear vision and direction in how to manifest your vision.

Fluorite 4th and 7th Chakras – connects the heart to higher consciousness so you can know your personal truth.

Homeopathic Remedies are based on the "Law of Similars" meaning that like cures like. These remedies deal with physical and energetic issues. Products are marked with a numbering system to show their dilution. For instance; 3x and 6x deal with physical problems, 12x works on both the physical and energy levels while 30x works only on an energetic level. For some people the cause of a problem has not reached the physical body and is still on an energy level due to the Chakra system being out of balance.

Here are some you can use with clients:

  • Arnica Cream and tablets – helps to heal bruising and muscle soreness quickly.
  • Calendula Cream – heals burns, cuts, and skin irritations.
  • Silicea tablets made from quartz and oxide of silicon:
    • 3x or 6x good for skin problems, stronger connective tissue, nails, and hair.
    • 12x good for the skin, brain, and nerve fibers.
    • 30x assists the flow of energy to balance the Chakra system.
  • Ferrum Phosphoricum – phosphate of iron that works as an oxygen carrier:
    • 3x or 6x strengthens the arterial walls and is good for first aid.
    • 12x strengthens the arterial walls and heals leaking energy in the aura.
    • 30x heals leaking energy in the aura to maintain personal boundaries. This formula is good for people who tend to be more "spacey."

Energy Infusions – are products that have been attuned energetically with Universal Healing Energy. My favorite modality to use for this is Reiki. This hands-on healing art uses Universal Life Force energy to bring balance to all aspects of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The benefit of using Reiki is that you can use it on yourself, others and perform distance healing. The energy is whole and doesn't require anything else to compliment it. At the master level you are able to attune products including cosmetics, skin care, and herbal remedies as well as people for more healing benefits.

Experiment on your own or try these healing recipe formulas:

Clear Vision Water – for more mental clarity, vision, and clear communication. Make water for your clients to drink or if you want to use a spray on them during treatments add 2 - 4 drops of rosemary essential oil to the recipe.

In a pitcher of clean drinking water, mix the following items:

  • Polished Sodalite and Apatite healing stones (cleaned and sanitized in hot water)
  • White Chestnut flower essence – 20 drops
  • Fresh mint sprigs
  • Cucumber slices (optional)
  • Chill

Energy Clearing Mist – use this as a spray in your salon to clear negative energy on a daily basis. You may want to mist after each client in the treatment rooms as well. Mix the following in 1 pint of water:

  • Black Tourmaline (cleaned and sanitized in hot water)
  • Walnut flower essence – 5 Drops
  • Rescue Remedy – 5 Drops
  • Vervain flower essence – 5 Drops
  • Orange Essential Oil – 3 Drops

Energy is a reflection of our spirit. It provides the fuel and passion for each of us to live our lives with purpose. When in balance we represent our most positive qualities, when out of balance our most negative. If you already provide energy healing for your clients, don't keep it a secret. Design special treatments and name them for the benefits they provide. Clients are ready for change and it starts with you. Just remember that like heals like. Use nature and whole energy to infuse your clients with new passion and purpose.
After all, true beauty comes from being balanced in body, mind and spirit.

Aesthetician, Reiki master, and award winning beauty expert, Linda Bertaut specializes in bringing inner beauty to the surface, and inspiring others to do the same thing. Using EnergyCeuticals for over 20 years she teaches from experience. Linda helps beauty professionals add value to their services by training them in her signature Reiki techniques and all natural "Reiki-infused" products; Petal Potions mood enhancing mists and elixirs, healing stone kits and Face Options mineral cosmetics. As a Reiki Master, she has transitioned this hands-on healing art into a contemporary new 'must have' service for women and men at leading spas and salons. Join Linda at the International Congress of Esthetics in Long Beach, CA as she speaks more about this topic on Saturday, September 16th at 3:45 PM. You may contact Linda at 626-405-0424, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit www.BertautBeauty.com.

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