Glytone Micro Peel Serums Collection

Written by   Sharon Boes
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Glytone Micro Peel Serums Collection
Editorial by Sharon Boes, Executive Training Director for Avène USA, Glytone, Klorane & René Furterer

Exfoliating acids have long been a proven way to help provide solutions to various skin concerns. While we have cell turnover taking place on a regular basis throughout much of our twenties, by age 25 that rate of cellular turnover rapidly declines. It is necessary to give those cells a “boost” to help remove dead surface cells and to reveal smoother skin.
One of the most effective ways to accelerate cellular turnover is by utilizing alpha and beta hydroxy acids. While these acids have long been a staple in every esthetician and dermatologist tool kit, not all acids perform in the same way, and more importantly, not all formulations of acids are equally effective.
Glycolic Acid in particular is one of the most widely studied and recommended acids to provide solutions to a variety of skin conditions including signs of aging, pigmentation and many more. How these acids are recommended and used is what will make the biggest impact on results and client/patient satisfaction.
Many individuals struggling with skin concerns are unhappy when they see their reflection in the mirror think that “more, more, more” is the best solution. We as skin care experts know that it is not a race to the finish line, but rather a comprehensive approach and treatment plan that will provide the best end result.
Acids in the form of a serum are incredibly effective and offer a variety of targeted solutions that can address various concerns simultaneously. A series of in-office chemical peels is one of the most effective ways to make changes in the overall appearance of the skin. While seeing a client or patient every 2-4 weeks can garner visible improvements, it is hard to know what is being done during the timeframe they are not in the office receiving treatments. The home care regimen is key to any treatment plan, as this is the time to prep, improve, and maintain great skin care results. I like to compare an at home skincare routine to a fitness expert, if you see a personal trainer once, you still need to work out on your own in between visits. In a similar way, you must take ownership of your part in improving skin care concerns by dedication to proper skincare at home, in between professional treatments.
Versatility in home-care treatments is a big part of the “DIY” trend we are seeing all over social media platforms. Individuals are seeking ways to take ownership of their health, wellness, and skin health. Exfoliating serums can provide solutions for all, whether they are looking to gradually introduce their skin to exfoliating acids, prep skin for a professional chemical peel, or to maintain results following a professional treatment. The opportunities are endless, and the customization and combination of these serums with various treatment therapies, are what is allowing us to see results like never before!
Some key acids to look for when seeking solutions are glycolic, which is a universal “work horse” and will aid in speeding up that lackluster cellular turnover rate. You will want to look for advanced technology of this acid that will enhance results while minimizing negative side effects. Glytone is a brand that has captured the power of glycolic acid and harnessed it in the most effective way. For 30 years, Glytone has provided clear, accurate treatment guidance for glycolic acid by incorporating their PFAV™ system. The PFAV™ system identifies the amount of unbuffered Glycolic Acid available for the skin to quickly exfoliate and retexturize. This expertise encompasses other acids and ingredients in their new daily Micro Peels. These formulations provide at-home chemical peel solutions which are targeted, safe, and effective. They are extremely versatile serums as they can be used as a daily peel, as preparation for more intense clinical peels or procedures, or as maintenance post-peel or post- procedure. These solutions target three of the top concerns, redness, signs of aging and pigmentation concerns.
It is important to not rush or assume it is “one size fits all” when incorporating acids into a regimen. The Glytone Lactic Superficial Retexturizing Serum Micro-peel is ideal if you have sensitive skin or struggle with hormonal breakouts. Lactic acid is combined with antibacterial rosemary and tea tree essential oils as well as a hyaluronic acid complex. It is a great way to target congestion in the skin as well as localized hormonal acne-prone areas. It is a very good starting place for anyone embarking on their exfoliation journey. This is a great “at-home peel” serum to be used every evening in the comfort of your own home.
Many people with sensitive skin conditions incorrectly feel they are not candidates for exfoliation. The same concern surrounding slowing cellular turnover affects sensitive clients in similar ways. A need to increase exfoliation with gentler exfoliating acids like Mandelic Acid can reduce redness and even out skin tone. The Mandelic Gentle Resurfacing Serum Micro-Peel uses a formula that combines Mandelic and Phytic Acids with pomegranate enzymes to visibly smoothe texture and simultaneously soothe redness. The result is overall skin radiance with a calm, more even complexion.
Discoloration is one of the most frustrating and ongoing skin conditions to treat. Whether it be sun damage or dark spots, uneven pigmentation is not something that contributes to an even, glowing complexion. Fortunately, the combination of ingredients in the Tranexamide™ Discoloration Treatment Serum will target and address those areas in need of brightening. The powerhouse trio of Tranexamide™ acid, Kojic Acid and Niacinamide help to reduce dark spots and uneven pigmentation, that is often the result of environmental damage and sun exposure. This is the ideal solution for those of us that are struggling to both minimize the appearance of fine lines and dark spots while giving an immediate brightening effect for younger-looking skin. This is a powerful hydroquinone-free alternative to address those difficult-to-treat pigmentation concerns.
Whether it be at home, in the spa or medical office, exfoliation is a key factor in addressing and maintaining a multitude of skin concerns. With innovative products like the Glytone at home Micro-Peels, you can provide your skin the boost in exfoliation it needs, while reaping the benefits of a DIY protocol. These micro-peels can be used every night, with the ever-important application of sunscreen applied every day. Give exfoliation a try and you will see the benefits in “peeling” back the layers!

Sharon Boes is the Executive Training Director for Avène USA, Glytone, Klorane & René Furterer. She has been a licensed Esthetician since 1997 and holds her Esthetics Instructor license. In addition to being a licensed Esthetician and Medical Esthetician, Sharon is also an International Esthetics CIDESCO diplomat. She holds a BA in Communications from the University of Rhode Island. With over 20 years of experience in beauty, Sharon has received media accolades as a contributor to Dermascope, the New York Post, and as a QVC Guest Expert. She is also a trained oncology skincare specialist.

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