Saturday, 08 March 2014 10:56

Skin Care MYTHS: When applying makeup, you can use any shade of color on any skin tone.

Written by   Linda Harding, president of Moontide Consulting

Facts: False Everyday makeup application is designed to enhance or downplay one’s natural features and it is important to select colors that are compatible with both the primary and under tones of the skin. When choosing lipsticks, lip glosses or eyeshadow, another factor to consider is the richness or depth of pigment in the product that your client is using.

This is essential as it determines how prominently the colors will appear and contrast on your client’s skin tone. Is the color soft or bright, muted or bold? Women with lighter skin tones may have to use more color in other areas of the face (cheeks) when selecting an intense hue for eyes or lips. Conversely, women with deeper skin tones who elect to wear a soft, neutral lip may need to apply a deeper more dramatic eyeshadow for visual equilibrium. Providing balance to any makeup application will always yield the best results.

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