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Enhance the Spa Experience with Wellness

Written by   by Christine Pemberton, founder of Maia International Inc.

Any treatment can become a wellness treatment simply by what the customer experiences. A large part of wellness is a state of mind, comprised of experience and a state of being. Every spa experience – be it nail spa, wellness spa, salon, or treatment – should leave the client feeling better. Skin care professionals can incorporate a broader view of wellness by creating a vision for clients comprised of a multitude of treatments. Wellness in any treatment begins by listening and delivering a memorable experience that keeps the client coming back and improving their state of being.


Wellness, or a state of enhanced wellness, can be simple. It can be inexpensive or expensive. It can be quick or longer in duration, depending on the client’s desires and objectives.

A wellness aspect prior to treatment is as simple as offering lemon water or herbal teas in an environment of relaxing music with a few candles lit to enable a tranquil atmosphere. During a manicure-pedicure treatment, allowing “soak time” with essential oils, dried herbs (such as sage and jasmine leaves), and cloves in the water can relax the senses. Respecting the client’s time is a contributing factor to wellness and offering the client the option to relax and enjoy the experience, rather than converse, is what the client desires.

In treatments, finish with simple offerings: offer essential oil rubs, heated towels, cream to finish the treatment, massage touch points, slippers for comfort, and soothing sounds, preferably through headphones, should they desire it. This is their “chill” time and wellness experience. Timing, punctuality, and respect enhances the spa experience from the beginning. Create a wellness-oriented, tranquil environment, speak softly, touch gently, and simply ask what the client would like.

For a new or repeat client, ask “what are you hoping for in this spa experience?” Ask them 10 simple questions; for example, “Would you like something to read? What type of music relaxes you? Do you prefer herbal tea or water? Would you like natural product? What is your wellness goal?”

The objective is respecting the client’s preference based on their perspective of wellness.   Post-treatment, it is very prudent to send an e-mail asking how the experience was at the spa. Respecting and appreciating their visit demonstrates gratitude and appreciation, as well as an interest in their wellness.

Any treatment can become a wellness-oriented treatment depending on gentleness, respect, attitude, and delivering what the client desires. The goal is to validate that everyone has a different idea of wellness and added touches that elevate the experience will elevate the overall wellness aspect. Weekly or monthly sessions at the spa that focus on tai chi, balancing chakras, mindfulness, and Reiki are beautiful healing modalities that elevate wellness at the spa and create the foundation for well-being. Mindfulness, in itself, is wellness.

Being mindful of clients’ intent to feel better is, in itself, a desire to increase wellness, regardless of the treatment. Simply being mindful of the client’s desire to do something for themselves will help them achieve wellness or a wellness state of mind. The goal is to make their experience special. Show care as the little things matter.

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