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Chakras: The Gateway to Awareness

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Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “wheel of light.” Aligned in the center of the body near the spinal column, each chakra emits an energy vibration associated with a color, sense, sound, endocrine gland, and organ.

The first chakra has the densest, most physical energy that grounds you to Mother Earth, while the seventh chakra has the least dense energy, that allows you to experience intuition and “Aha” moments. As you work your way up from the first to the seventh chakra, you gain a more conscious awareness about who you are and why you are here.

Seven Levels of Awareness
There are seven major chakras that provide progressive levels of awareness. The first three chakras provide the foundation for self-awareness: physical, emotional, and mental. These chakras focus on the material world and represent looking outside yourself for answers. If you have stress, anxiety, or constant mental chatter, you are out of balance in your foundational chakras.

The fourth chakra, or the heart chakra, is where you start to look within for answers and where conscious awareness begins. Until you are connected to your heart, you will feel separate from nature and other people. When connected, you realize that who you are and what you do makes an impact on your surroundings and the lives of others.

Chakras five through seven continue your access to conscious awareness. You have access to intuitive wisdom which guides you on your path, including clear self-expression, clear vision, and a clear connection to the spirit. Being blocked in the upper chakras is often the cause of depression.

The True Cause of Dis-Ease
Since each chakra fuels an endocrine gland and various organs, a lack of vital life force energy to one or more of these organs creates physical dis-ease. Years of not taking care of yourself and pleasing others at your own expense causes you to leave bits and pieces of your energy behind, creating a condition I call leaky aura. With leaky aura, you are susceptible to absorbing unwanted energies from clients and others people. Over time a leaky aura can lead to long term dis-ease; once dis-ease reaches the physical body it is more difficult to reverse.

Color Energy
The colors that make up nature’s rainbow are the same as the colors of your inner rainbow, the chakra system. Your chakras collect universal color energy and distribute this vital life force (also called chi, ki, prana: breath-of-life) throughout the body. This energy radiates from within and surrounds the body, creating an aura. The colors of your aura represent the health of your physical, mental, emotional, and subtle energy bodies.

When you are full of color energy, you have vitality and a healthy glow. You create from your body, mind, and spirit, your whole self. You receive information from a conscious source (seventh chakra), so you have clear vision to see how you fit into the big picture (sixth chakra). You can then communicate your vision clearly (fifth chakra) from the heart with love (fourth chakra). You bring your vision into the physical world by having the will (third chakra), creativity, and passion (second chakra) to take the action needed to walk your unique path in life (first chakra).

Being full of color energy provides you with health, vibrancy, a sense of self, and connection to purpose. When you choose to feed your inner rainbow daily with energetic practices such as yoga, meditation, Reiki, spending time in nature, and doing things you love, you become chakralicious and more aware that you are the creator of your life!

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