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Top Microfiber Myths

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Think you know microfiber? Think again. Below we debunk some common myths about microfiber, an incredible, versatile, performance fabric.

Untitled-1Myth #1: All microfiber is the same.
Just like any textile, there are high and low quality products available in the market place. Much like silk and fine bath towels, microfiber is measured in weight, not thread count. The hallmarks of quality are derived from the very distinguishable differences in the fabric’s weight, finish, and weave. When correctly produced, the finished product will have the proper weight, will be finely brushed, and will have the soft flowing drape of silk, coupled with the luxurious hand of 600 Egyptian thread count cotton.

Myth #2: Microfiber fabric does not breathe.
Microfiber fabric does breathe and is, in fact, cooling to the skin. Microfiber performance fabrics can be woven in such a way as to allow air to move freely through it. The fabric actually wicks moisture away from the body, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable night’s sleep. It is no surprise that poly-microfiber is the fabric of choice for athletic teams and outdoor-wear companies worldwide.

Myth #3: Microfiber is not durable.
Quality microfiber outperforms cotton in durability. Performance tests and countless real-life experiences prove that high-quality microfiber will outlast cotton and cotton/poly blends.

Myth #4: Microfiber does not protect against allergies.
Microfiber is non-allergenic and helps protect against dust mites and bed bugs. Unlike cotton sheets, where allergens get trapped in the fiber, microfiber’s extra fine weave will not allow the allergens to enter. This prevents any possibility of allergies. Microfiber sheets are highly recommended for people with sensitive skin.

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