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Anti-Pollution Skin Care

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Anti-pollution skin care has become the latest trend in the aesthetics industry. This trend, which originated in Asia, is starting to see a larger presence throughout the United States due to the growing concerns about the effect of pollution on the skin. Clients can be exposed to pollution from road and air traffic and fossil fuel combustion.

According to the World Health Organization, over 80 percent of people who live in larger cities like New York City are exposed to air pollution levels that exceed the limits they set.

Pollutants can deplete vitamin E in the skin, decrease squalene, increase the production of sebum and modify its composition, cause dark spots, and aggravate sensitive skin conditions. As the world changes, skin care professionals should be sure to make clients aware of the dangers of pollution on their skin, especially if they live in a larger city.
Clients should be reminded that cleansing their skin not only removes makeup up and sebum, but will also eliminate the pollution that can age their skin as well.

Cleansing the skin will help to remove dusts and microparticles from the pollution that can be easily absorbed by the skin and cause oxidative stress and, possibly, cell mutation. Clients should also be applying serums with antioxidants that will reduce that harmful effects of the pollution to which they are exposed. Furthermore, current research has also shown that ultraviolet radiation may increase the detrimental effects of the airborne particles on the skin, so clients should remain diligent about applying sun protection. The application of an emollient will help to reduce the amount of pollutant that penetrates that skin.

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