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3 Steps to Facial Dry Brushing

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Facial dry brushing has the same benefits as dry brushing the body, including detoxifying the lymphatic system and reducing cellulite. Facial dry brushing increases blood flow, removes toxin buildup, and provides the skin with a nice glow. Dry brushes for the face should have extremely fine and soft bristles. Clients should dry brush their face one to two times a week and remember to be gentle.

1. Cleanse – Clients should start their dry brushing ritual by cleansing their face with an oil cleanser and then with a foam cleanser. This step removes the makeup, pollutants, and other irritants from the face.

2. Brush – When dry brushing the face, brush in a gentle, upwards motion away from the heart. This movement helps the encourage blood flow throughout the body. Instruct clients to start brushing at their chin and up to the hair on the right side of their face. They should repeat this motion on the other side of their face. They should then brush from the top of their collar bone up to the bottom of their chin. Clients should be brushing with gentle strokes that are light and pleasant.

3. Moisturize – At this time, clients should apply a light moisturizer or facial oil to lock-in moisture and extend their glow.

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