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Paying it Forward: The Concept of Our Future

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The skin care industry is ever changing and growing by leaps and bounds. It took a huge hit during the pandemic, but it is back now. The last season of tradeshows proves that excitement and motivation. Increased demand for education, increased retail options, and increased attendance are a sign that most professionals are happily moving on from the last two years of uncertainty. However, with much sadness, they have lost some of their more seasoned and experienced professionals who retired, had to close their shops, or had to go into different fields,. Who will take their place and take the industry to the next level?  

The future of the skin care industry are aesthetic students. Everyone remembers their mentors, heroes, and people who helped, encouraged, coached, and motivated them to do and be better professionals. It is time to return the favor, and it is now professionals’ turn to give back. Many professionals have now become the seasoned group, the current top grossing and most successful, and it is time for them to pay it forward. 

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