Thursday, 20 August 2020 10:53

Sunburn Scenarios: The Dos, Don’ts, & Educating Clients

Written by   Erin Jensen

All too often, clients associate sunscreen with hot, intense, summer days. However, practitioners know that harmful rays of the sun can find their way to the skin no matter the season or time spent indoors. Many clients have learned the hard way to protect their skin from the sun, but sometimes they still need a reminder. Understanding the best approaches and avoidances after an accidental sunburn is key. It is important to know and educate clients on the best practices to prevent further irritation or pain.


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Use pain relieving products with ingredients ending in “caine”. There are plenty of pain-relieving creams and sprays out there with various ingredients. However, those like lidocaine and benzocaine should be skipped for use on sunburns. These can irritate tender skin or even cause an allergic reaction.

Implementation of a results-driven skin care regimen that addresses skin concerns should be complemented with a daily, broad-spectrum coverage sunscreen. This protects the skin and prevents the introduction of future damage or compounding current sun damage.

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