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Does Vitamin E Fade Scars?

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A scar, is a scar, is a scar, but not really. Especially not as a professional discussed them with many of their clients. Frequently, when referring to a discolored or slightly raised epidermal abnormality as a scar, it is not one at all. Most skin care professionals are familiar with a frantic clients’ inquisition about whether their pimple “scar” will ever go away when in reality, the menacing mark to which they are referring will soon heal and disappear without a trace. This temporary trauma is just the skin going through the normal healing process, which involves an inflammatory response followed by proliferation of cells and a remodeling of the tissue, re-establishing an effective epidermal barrier. Even though this process includes some unsightly consequences including swelling, erythema, and even a temporary hyperpigmentation of the skin, these cosmetic irregularities are usually not permanent. And because healing is a complex biochemical event that is not completely understood, it is difficult to predict outcomes for clients.


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