Stop Costly Repairs Before They Happen: 3 Easy Tasks to Ensure Proper Functioning of Aesthetic Devices

Written by James Turner, service specialist at Sentient Lasers

Upkeep of aesthetic equipment, in many cases, is just as expensive as purchasing the technology. Whether the practice is small or part of a larger network, proper upkeep can dramatically improve the bottom line. If professionals perform proper maintenance on aesthetic technology, the equipment will need to be sent in for repairs far less often and the bill will be reduced.

Wondering where to start? Follow these three simple steps that engineers promise will keep aesthetic laser technology performing at the highest standards.


Check Air Filters
The first and easiest tip in maintaining the technology is checking air filters. Most filters can easily be changed or cleaned by the owner. It is as simple as removing dust and changing the filter if needed. Doing this on a regular basis, such as every six months, will greatly reduce wear.


Changing External Optics
The upkeep of optics is also essential. Some machines even have disposable optics that are designed to be changed by the user. If these are not changed or cleaned it can cause low output power and lead to error codes. Looking over the laser and handpiece of the machine is another simple way to ensure the machine runs smoothly.


Change the Coolant
Similar to a car, a laser machine needs coolant in order to keep it from overheating. When purchasing technology, most should come with drain kits that allow the professional to change their coolant. Always refer to the operator’s manual for the proper coolant the machine uses. Coolant should be changed every six to 12 months for optimal performance.


Just as it takes time to research and pick the correct devices, the same effort should be put into maintaining the technology. If these simple steps are taken on a regular basis, professionals can ensure they are giving clients the highest quality care possible, while still maintaining a budget.

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