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Thursday, 29 September 2011 14:24

Eye Cream

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Whether it is from lack of sleep, squinting, or the ever-ticking clock of aging we all worry and fret over the appearance of the skin around our eyes; crow's feet, dark circles, and puffiness are the most common concerns. The tissue around the eye is the thinnest on the body, five to ten times thinner, and therefore it will show the first signs of aging.
It is important to treat this delicate area differently with a specific eye treatment. However, before treatment is started it is best to decide on the outcome. Does the client want to reduce eye circles, smooth fine lines or reduce puffiness?

By narrowing down the desired results the skin care professional will be able to target specific problems and, in the end, increases the chances of the client to receive the best overall results.




Alex Cosmetic Herbal A-Peel's Extreme Anti-Aging Eye Cream helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. Carnitin, caffeine, vitamin A and coenzyme A, reduce swelling and enhance skin's elasticity and smoothness, while relieving puffiness in the eye area. The eye area is immediately refined, radiant and smooth, the appearance of wrinkles are reduced and discouraged from reappearing. 877-313-ALEX, www.alexcosmeticusa.com, or CRR# 103

Christina-USA's Eyes & Neck Lifting Serum is a sesame protein complex that visibly lifts and tightens within 30 minutes of application. Apply a thin layer twice daily; may be used alone or in conjunction with other skin products. Key Ingredients: Hydrolized sesame protein, DHEA, ferulic acid, alpha lipoic acid, melatonin. 888-604-6268 or www.christina-usa.com

Dynamis' MEG 21 Eye Treatment with Supplamine® hydrates, renews, brightens and firms the fragile eye area for a more youthful appearance.  Infused with a triple combination of proven botanicals to provide even better performance.  Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles while sealing in moisture.  Supplamine® anti-glycation technology was unexpectedly discovered during Diabetes research. 877-682-7949, www.meg21.com, or CRR# 203

HydroPeptide®'s Eye Anti-Wrinkle Dark Circle Concentrate makes eyes appear lifted and refined while dark circles and puffiness fade away.  HydroPeptide Eye infuses the eye area with a high concentration of seven potent skin rebuilding peptides and neuropeptides.  Vitamin K, hesperidin and chrysin work to help reduce dark bruise-like discolorations and puffiness around the eyes.  Plus, innovative light refracting pearls immediately brighten and illuminate the eye area to provide instant results. 800-932-9873, www.hydropeptide.com, or CRR# 280

Murad® Age Reform® Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for eyes super-charges and awakens the delicate eye area with ultra-hydrating ingredients that quench skin, restore youthful resiliency and improve tone. Featuring Murad's proprietary Collagen Support Complex, and introducing the new Osmolyte Technology, this uber-rich eye cream infuses the eye area with essential nutrients for immediate hydration to firm the eye area and provides long-term protection against fine lines and wrinkles. 800-33-MURAD, www.murad.com, or CRR# 217

The advanced formula in MyChelle's Fabulous Eye Cream nourishes the delicate eye area while minimizing the look of fine lines. Revolutionary edelweiss plant stem cells inhibit collagen breakdown and are clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth by 15 percent after only twenty days of use. Hyaluronic acid binds moisture within the skin, smoothing and firming the eye area. 800-447-2076 or www.mychelle.com

EyeXcellence from PCA skin® brightens and rejuvenates the eye area. This exceptional formulation delivers three peptides that increase collagen production, capillary function and circulation to reduce puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles around the eye area. As an anti-inflammatory and melanogenesis inhibitor, licorice root extract reduces inflammation and pigmentation. Daily use creates a youthful and healthy glow. 877-722-7546, www.pcaskin.com, or CRR# 199

"C" Évolutive Eye Gel, part of Ligne Yeux – the Eye Line from pevonia® BOTANICA, is a time-released gel that delivers decongesting benefits to your delicate eye zone throughout the day. A rich combination of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and ginkgo biloba reduces dark circles and puffiness for a visibly refreshed eye contour all day long. 800-PEVONIA, www.pevonia.com, or CRR# 278

SESHA Skin Therapy's Optimum Eye Infusion Gel utilizes SESHA's PET delivery technology to deliver a powerhouse of peptides and antioxidants to the regenerative layer of the skin.  Pentacarelifts and tightens the skin without irritation while vitamins A, C, E, DMAE and peptides aid in strengthening and tightening crow's feet and fine lines. For instant gratification, caffeine reduces puffiness and brightens the eyes. 888-977-3742, www.seshaskin.com, CRR# 239

The Eye Cream, from Down to Earth, is a gentle cream that firms the delicate area around the eyes to help diminish the appearance and formation of fine lines and wrinkles; leaves eye area soft and radiant. 602-283-1175 or www.downtoearthskincare.com

Clearly Beautiful Collagen Eye Masks are made of 100 percent all natural ingredients, designed to hydrate and nourish the delicate under eye area. The unique collagen mask delivery system acts as a protective layer, while it encourages complete absorption of the masks rejuvenating liquids. 866-704-8572 or www.clearlybeautiful.com

Kyoků for men®'s eye fuel delivers a double blow to anti-aging skin care with their Cellular Radiance Crème and Uplifting Eye Gel which combine to instantly energize and brighten the under eye area while providing long-term anti-aging effects. www.kyokuformen.com

iS CLINICAL®'s EYE COMPLEX is a sophisticated combination of botanical antioxidants, hydrators, skin lighteners, and mild surfacing ingredients. This remarkable product addresses the complicated concerns of the delicate eye area, where a fine balance of potency and sensitivity is needed to be truly effective without causing irritation. 818-638-8758, www.isclinical.com, or CRR# 188

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