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About Dr. Jeff Skin Care/Beauty Attica, Inc.

Beauty Attica, incorporated in Redmond, Washington in 1996, was relocated to the metro Los Angeles area in June 1999. It is the marketing arm of Dr. Jeff Professional Skin Care products domestically and worldwide.

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Dr. Jeff Skin Care line includes cleansers and toners, exfoliants (e.g. enzyme peel & scrub), massage oil and gel, treatment masks for face and body, ampoules, serum, SPF sunscreen, stable vitamins A, C, E, and herbal moisturizers for face and eyes. For years, Dr. Jeff has built up its reputation and strength in offering cost-effective specialty masks like algae-based soft mask, freeze-dried algae and collagen fiber masks, and mineral earth masks for beauty professionals to customize results-oriented treatment programs to meet the ever-changing skin care needs. A comprehensive range of treatment protocols is developed for licensed professionals to tackle problems in skin lightening, couperose, acne, wrinkles, firming, and hydration. Seminars and demonstrations by esthetics instructors are organized as continuous support for professionals to stay current with product ingredient knowledge and skills.

In response to the development of new technology and ingredients, Dr. Jeff Skin Care constantly expand its products line to offer new treatments with state of the art ingredients. In 2007 a new Oligopeptide line is introduced with serum, gel, mask, and moisturizing lotion for anti-wrinkle treatment.

The Company also has a beauty accessories and supplies division, offering qualitative low-cost products to meet today's needs of professional salons and spas. Some major categories include: disposable items (e.g., bouffant caps, headbands, bikini panties, cleansing pads, eye and face masks, etc.), packaging components (e.g., jars, bottles, and cosmetic pouches), facial and spa supplies (e.g., rubber bowls, spatulas, gauze, exfoliating gloves, face and body mask brushes, treatment gowns, robes, and terry headbands).


Dr. Jeff Skin Care / Beauty Attica

1180 E Francis St Bldg F
Ontario, CA 91761
888-316-3683 / 877-888-9893
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