Valentine's Day Facial Treatments

by Alissa de Jongh, 1 month ago

Presented by Dr. Alissa de Jongh. Volume Two of her column, "Au Naturel."


# Tina Maltz 2021-02-02 16:17
I always have a Wonderful experience at the spa! I would absolutely recommend Dr. de Jongh's Spa experiences and services.
Can't wait to try that yummy luxurious chocolate treatment!
# Blanca De Leon 2021-02-02 16:23
Wow! It sounds like an awesome experience. Count me in! :)
# Kamree Walker 2021-02-02 23:16
I just loved this! This could be something fun for the whole family honestly, all while loving on the skin! I want to try this.
# Brandi Allen 2021-02-06 08:29
Beautiful facial. Looks amazing! :zzz
# Mary M. Gainey 2021-02-06 10:33
I am a chocolate lover and this facial is a must! Dr. de Jongh's treatments are first class and extremely safe. This is perfect for Valentine's Day. Congratulations on another successful video!

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