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With a career that has spanned from working at an airline pilot school, a thoroughbred racing farm, and ultimately as regional operations manager at Photography Corporation of America, Jeannette Kravitz found her creative voice through visual arts, events and music. Through her international travels and volunteering in places like Romania, working for HIV/AIDS orphans and NGOs globally, she has gained perspective by asking herself the ultimate question, "What is my purpose?" In 2000, she founded sponsorKIDs® Charities Peace Journey and now with her newly created she continues to increase her charitable efforts with the help of her newly created natural-botanical-cosmeceutical skin care line which provides a base revenue stream allowing her to continue on with her philanthropic aspirations.

I chose the spa industry for a reason. My husband Randy and I decided that we wanted to choose an industry where women's buying power could help support my work for children in American and around the globe. Philanthropy plays a significant role in my personal and professional life. For me, philanthropy and my profession are one in the same – we created Peace Spa Products to help to support the work I do for the children of the world. I believe that this is my purpose, so the choice to work in philanthropy is not an option, but a choice to keep my life in harmony with my work. We learned a lot while developing Peace Spa Products; because as we developed the product line, we were simultaneously learning what the spa owner and aestheticians were dealing with in their business everyday. I have found that most clients go to a spa initially for relaxation and beauty treatments. A key component in assisting clients relieve stress is the actual atmosphere of the spa – a sense of calm needs to be created, but ultimately I have found that it is the connection that the client creates with the staff that keeps them coming back. Through the years we have made some adaptations to stay relevant in the treatment room. To help combat against "Deal of the Day" promotions from competitors, we emphasize the sale of products and home regimen development by educating our staff on how to set up the consultative sale throughout the treatment, closing the sale after the service and client follow up. Ironically, I have found that a treatment tends to go wrong when an aesthetician underestimates their role in consultative selling process. Clients are interested in finding effective skin care products and they look to their aesthetician for advice and council. Focusing on great products and customer service is what I believe sets the best spas apart from the rest. A great example of this is our own PeaceSpa Customized Facial with Peel. This treatment is truly unique to each client because we fully analyze each client's skin type and condition, and then use the appropriate products, including four different peel options, to achieve results. No one client is more important than the next. The resounding advice that I give to each and everyone of my clients is to be happy. It's a choice you get to make everyday I live by this and it sustains me in times that are the most trying. It is a choice.

Jeannette Kravitz's secret to keeping life in balance and enjoying the journey: Choose people, vendors and clients you enjoy working with. It makes work pleasurable and extends your friendships. In addition, make sure to always include a fitness routine into your schedule, and at least a few hours a week to spend time with friends, family, music, photography, and any other activities that allow you to culturally express yourself.

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