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Jacqui Dunal's determined approach to finding the finest skin care and health products for her own well-being led to her discovering fish-derived, biologically active, collagen-hydrate products that truly penetrate the skin's multiple layers to replenish collagen-depleted cells due to aging. After five short years in the cosmetics industry, in 2014, viewers on five continents and more than 500 accomplished industry professionals voted Dunal a leader in the skin care industry and the winner of Multi Media Productions' prestigious and highest award, the Silver Telly.


What do you see as an upcoming trend in the industry?
A more holistic approach to beauty. Not only do clients want to look healthy, they want to be healthy. Incorporating natural products into a skin care line that supplements and supports health and beauty, both externally and internally, is paramount.

Is there a particular ingredient that you feel is a "super" ingredient? If so, why?
Without a doubt, fish-derived, biologically active collagen leads the pack in the European skin care market; North America still has to catch up. The triple helix structure that is maintained in the products ensures that the hydrate is still alive when applied. It is a living product! Small protein clusters in the collagen complex let the skin's multiple layers absorb it. Larger chunks of protein, which are often found in other skin care products, cannot fully penetrate the skin's layers. Size is the major and telling difference between the products I promote and others on the market. collage

Other than your products, what are the greatest assets and strengths your company offers?
The personal touch; taking the time to engage with clients on a one-on-one basis. I spend time with new clients, try to understand their needs, and guide them through the products that are appropriate for their skin types.

How and where do you find inspiration?
Every time I get a call or an e-mail from a new client, I feel honored that they would like to talk to me about something as personal and precious as their skin and how to care for it properly. Their calls and trust in the products I promote remind me why I started my skin care business.

Here is more of our chat with Jacqui:

How did you decide that skin care was the right industry for you?
Fifteen years ago, I began using supplements containing evening primrose oil and decided to start a small business venture. Unfortunately, my business failed because I did not do enough research. This time, I thoroughly researched collagen products and, for an entire year, my mother and I tried them out. They confirmed the sustainable health and beauty© effects that I had been seeking for so long. The results were amazing and included an improvement in health as a result of using the supplements! Better yet, when friends and total strangers began noticing our healthy skin, hair, and nails, I knew I was on to something unique.

What characteristics or skills distinguish you from your peers and enabled you to be successful so quickly?
Grit. Guts. Gusto. Once I determined that these natural collagen products – which were developed and rigorously tested in Poland – delivered on their promises, I decided that the North American market needed to be exposed to them; I really went for it. Proof of these products' authenticity is that they are currently sweeping the European skin care market.

What adaptations have you made over the years to stay relevant in the industry?
Actually, I rely on the adaptations of my suppliers in partnership with the scientists who develop [my] products. I have a personal relationship with them and admire and trust their constant research into natural ingredients to develop products that complement the skin's natural composition as they heal and replenish what is lost due to aging. They also concentrate on developing supplements for overall well-being to help clients maintain and/or restore healthy joints and gut flora.

Is there a particular moment or procedure where most skin care professionals go wrong? What could they alter for a better result?
It is not so much about going wrong as it is about not being aware of the best products for skin care treatments. Using fish-derived, biologically active collagen with the triple helix configuration intact will deliver significantly better results. Unlike other collagens on the market, live collagen hydrate really does penetrate the three layers of the skin. Without this deep penetration, clients will not get the results they seek.

Why do you think people are loyal to certain brands?
Basically, we are creatures of habit. Once we begin using a certain brand and get some results, we tend to stick with it. Also, big marketing has conditioned us to believe that only name brands deliver the best bang for our bucks.

As you grew your company, did you have any significant moments of clarity that helped shape its future and course?
I was first introduced to these products by a highly respected female scientist in Poland. Her thorough understanding of the products convinced me that we needed to try them. Our startling results, persuaded me that I needed to market them online to reach the widest possible audience.

What is the toughest decision you have had to make at your company?
There are so many media avenues competing for my advertising dollars and the challenge is how best to spend them. When we find something new and amazing, the temptation is to make a big splash. I had to step back and decide what was best for my potential clients and my company. I decided it was necessary to educate them first about the benefits of biologically active, fish-derived collagen without breaking the bank.

How did you come up with the name of your business?
My mother's ancestry is partly French and I wished to honor her by using the French term "naturel" for natural. Also, my business is collagen support for sustainable health and beauty©. Because my company is Canadian, where English and French are the official languages, I needed an element that would grab the attention of French-speaking clients when they go online for natural products. The name Naturel Collagen Canada embraces all three aspects.

Which honor or achievement are you most proud of?
Receiving Multi Media Productions' prestigious and highest award, the Silver Telly, in 2014. I am still pinching myself.

What advice do you have for someone planning to start a career in this field?
Take nothing at face value; do your research and concentrate on bringing products to the market that are natural and ecologically friendly. Advertise honestly and build bridges and great relationships with your suppliers and clientele. Also, do not be afraid of or give in to setbacks; learn from them to up your game plan. Take your business seriously, but not yourself. Life is full of surprises; learn from the downers and embrace the uppers. Enjoy the ride!

You wear so many hats in this industry. What is your secret to keeping life in balance and enjoying the journey?
I find that being organized and focused is key. Apart from that, simple things – like doing yoga and going for long walks – clear my head and refresh my vision. I also love meeting new people and seeing new places, so I travel whenever I can.

Can you share something that most people wouldn't know about you?
I always admired my mother's ability to paint beautifully. Since she has recently passed on, I have decided to try my hand at painting for sentimental reasons.

If you could treat one person, who would it be?
Oprah. Like many people, I admire her grit, guts, and enjoyment of life not only for herself, but also for others. I would send her a gift of the full range of the products I promote so that she and her skin could experience the incredible pleasure of using biologically active, fish-derived collagen. Oprah, have your people call me; your gift is ready and waiting!

You mentioned supplements earlier on. Would you care to elaborate on that?
Yes, Colvita is the only dietary and nutricosmetic supplement recommended by the Sports University in Cologne, Germany. Regular use of this product alleviates joint pain and metabolizes protein during workouts. Its ingredients also slow the aging process in tissues, make skin suppler, and significantly improve the condition of hair and nails. ColamiD provides the body with easily absorbed calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D – essentials for bones' normal growth and development. I also recommend Collaceina, which replenishes healthy bacteria in the gut.

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