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Written by   Kris Campbell

Kris Campbell, L.E., C.O.E., is brand manager and national educator of Tecniche® LLC, a skin care line dedicated to those with very sensitive skin caused by persistent health issues like cancer and diabetes or periodic issues like cosmetic irritation. Campbell trains on awareness and ingredients, writes for trade publications, and speaks at trade events about the many conditions that arise with the aesthetic management of health – challenged skin, including oncology implications. Having previously worked for a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cosmeceutical manufacturer, Campbell also conceptualizes product development for Tecniche.

logoWhat has surprised you most during your professional journey?
“I am most amazed that while the industry is large in nature, it is also a close knit community. While there are many competing companies, there is a lot of mutual respect and communication between key people.”

I have been in the professional skin care industry for 11 years. I find inspiration in listening to other educators and experts in the field. I am always reading anything regarding skin care and health challenges. I do not limit myself to industry knowledge and I incorporate the consumer avenue to see what they are talking about. I learned the most when working at the FDA laboratory. Working with clients to help formulate product lines and the knowledge of ingredients has really helped me in my current position. Ingredients are always changing in regard to new discoveries on ways to improve skin, as well as new methods of ingredient delivery. With the wellness trend still thriving, I see a need for more customized services and products to treat individuals that have skin or fragrance sensitivities due to a variety of internal/external sources. Ingredients are an important aspect with every consideration in this industry. Even with intake forms, clients should be aware of the ingredients they are using and the aesthetician should be aware of any contraindications the client may have. Many ingredients are contraindicated due to medications, menstrual cycles, allergies, current homecare regimens, and even previous surgeries where lymph nodes were removed. The best spas have a great intake form as to really understand a client’s concerns and possible issues that could cause reactions in treatment room. The spa staff should also be knowledgeable in the right treatments and homecare for their clients. The spa management team should be willing to listen to the needs and concerns of their staff and clients, and be able to adapt to upcoming trends in the industry as it is always changing. I tell every client to listen to what their bodies and skin are telling them. I also advise them to let their skin care professional know of allergies, medications, and past surgeries so the best treatment plan can be developed to treat their skin concerns with no adverse reactions.

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