Bella Schneider | Celebrity Aesthetician, Formulator, Educator, Consultant

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Upon her graduation from Berkeley, Bella Schneider launched her first spa − thereby introducing European skin care to San Francisco and eventually expanding to the Silicon Valley. Today, she is a clinical and European aesthetician, a trainer and educator, a product formulator, a manager, a sales person, a consultant and a CEO. She has a global understanding of the industry given the many hats she wears.

logo I introduced spa services and the concept of skin care to the Bay Area 35 years ago. When I opened my first spa, I was very young and had been in the United States for only four years. All of my employees were older than I was and from very diverse backgrounds. I had to train everyone on everything. I learned how hard it is to motivate people to excel as a team.  I also learned how important it is to start your business with a strong structure. I am referring to laws and manuals. It is no longer a business based on a handshake. Make sure to choose the best school, and take as many advanced classes in lymphatic drainage as you can. Learn to do proper extractions and skin analysis. Unfortunately, extractions are still an art form that most aestheticians run short on. Never forget that clients come to have their skin cleansed and well extracted. Stay informed on all of the relevant ingredients. For example, vitamin A acid is a super ingredient. Most clients struggle with uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation and aging of the skin. This is truly the most transforming tool we have to treat and retail for these vast problems. Be proficient in speed waxing with a variety of types of waxes and learn to do excellent eyebrow designs. Leave the acids and peels to a later date when you are really comfortable. Clients want the basics and once you have developed their trust and you have practiced with a diverse clientele, then you can go on to the advanced modalities. People want result-oriented treatments. They are more educated in ingredients so it is important to take that into consideration. Teach clients how to take care of their skin at home, based on their individual skin type. I find that many clients are undereducated about how to properly treat their skin on their own.  My clients are high profile, driven women, so I am encouraged to keep reinventing myself in order to keep their interest and prove that I can give results. I have to constantly prove myself. I love competition. It challenges me to push myself. I am bold and tenacious even though I come from humble beginnings. I grew up with deaf parents and a blind brother and learned how to work hard early on. I am also very disciplined, curious and self-motivated. Most of all, I have such passion for beauty and what I do. I stay on trend by constantly reading beauty magazines, trade magazines, and using the tools the Internet provides me for research.

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