We made DERMASCOPE Magazine’s the A-List!

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We made DERMASCOPE Magazine’s the A-List! We made DERMASCOPE Magazine’s the A-List!

We made DERMASCOPE Magazine’s the A-List! Thank you for believing in our company’s mission and helping us thrive. Staffed by estheticians, FOR estheticians. You can see the full article on Dasha Saian on page 92 of the September issue of DERMASCOPE . Here is an excerpt:
In 2007, Dasha Saian, L.E., CEO and co-founder of Saian Natural Clinical Skincare, and her mother Margarita started a skin care brand out of their kitchen with only $3,000. At that time, Dasha was finishing college, working at a spa as a receptionist, and going to beauty school for her aesthetics license. The first couple of years were tough – they were operating out of their two-bedroom apartment, which meant living with boxes everywhere. Their social life was virtually non-existent and it was impossible to have company over because the number of boxes was overwhelming. They used to sit and fill bottles with serums and creams all evening and stick labels on them, so that they could drive to San Diego at 5:00 A.M. to teach a class at a beauty school at 8:00 A.M. and hopefully sell something.
Fast forward to 2013, their business was thriving – new products, automation, staff, and an office. One April day, Margarita lost consciousness and was rushed to the hospital. A day later, she was diagnosed with grade four glioblastoma – a malignant tumor the size of a baseball in her brain. The business was put on the backburner for two and a half years, as Dasha stayed home to take care of her mother and 86-year-old grandmother. In the process of learning about her mother’s illness, Dasha became an expert on oncology care.
After her mother passed, Dasha found herself absolutely engulfed in work – it was her happy place. Surprisingly, as she relaxed about making more money and focused on providing a better value for the customers, everything fell into place and Saian Natural Clinical Skincare started picking up. Her mother’s legacy of integrity and commitment to clients was what kept the company culture and values alive after she passed. Anyone who has ever taken a class with Margarita would tell you she had a way of making one feel special, but most importantly, she shared all of her knowledge
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