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How to Choose Oncology Training

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When it comes to choosing advanced oncology training, here are the things to consider.


Choose a path. Advanced training will make a professional more knowledgeable, set them apart as an expert in the field, increase profitability, and give them more job satisfaction. But, it costs money and time, so, it needs to count. Knowing what one is looking for in training will narrow the choices and help ensure the desired outcome is achieved.


Interview each training company and ask questions like: what is the agenda; does it match my learning style; how long have they taught this particular subject and do they revise regularly to grow with the industry; do they teach within the scope of my license; and why do they teach this subject. Ask for referrals from graduate of the course to see how they are using the training and if it was beneficial for them.


Contact each company that teaches oncology training. Then, choose a class to start with. If oncology services is a direction that a professional wants to pursue and make their niche or specialty, then it is highly recommended to take all of the classes available. Something different will be learned from each teacher and class, which will build knowledge and skill level.


Consider mentoring or advanced classes. Ask the training company if they are available to assist or mentor and answer any lingering questions after the class. Do they offer a part two or more if needed or wanted? Are they able to help with proposals or business ideas to put new skills to work?

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