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How to Choose Acid-Based Skin Care

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To address consumer demands, today’s skin care professional must be able to develop highly-customized treatment plans that provide thorough exfoliation, but do not necessarily promote visible skin peeling. Fruit enzymes that contain acids provide gentle, yet effective, treatments that also contain antioxidants to feed and nourish the skin. For sensitive skin, it is often recommended to look for facial exfoliants that are enzyme-based. These enzymes come from a natural source, like fruits, and work in the same way as a peel, but at a much slower pace, allowing for an extremely safe and gentle exfoliating process.


Selecting the correct acid-based skin care product for each skin condition is crucial. This is why professionals should aim to have a toolbox of options available when choosing a specific product for a client, based upon the desired clinical outcome. Professionals should include these items in
their toolbox:


  • Glycolic acid – it dissolves the desmosomes between cells to keep skin cells exfoliated. This opens the acne impaction.
  • Lactic acid – a derivative of milk; a hydrating exfoliant.
  • Salicylic Acid – A drying exfoliant for oily skin.
  • TCA – a keratolytic acid to exfoliate the skin or act as a carrier agent.


Having an acid-based skin care tool box of glycolic acids, lactic acids, and salicylic acids allows professionals to customize their treatments regimens for clients’ skin conditions, according to the needs revealed through individual skin analysis.


Look for a skin care company that provides a step-by-step treatment protocol that helps the professional design and safely conduct the acid-based skin care treatment. A good company should also include a recommended homecare pre- and post-care kit for clients.


Additionally, choose a product line that provides hands-on training workshops that are designed to help the skin care professional discover the different types of options available, when to use them, their differences, and how they work.


For example, some retailers have complete online courses and webinars available – sometimes free of charge – that guide professionals though all of their products. Some even offer a certificate for completion of the training.


Choosing a retailer with training available can provide professionals an added boost of confidence in using a company’s products in the treatment room or selling retail.


Another feature to look for when choosing a company for acid-based skin care is an easy-to-use online ordering process. Other factors that may play a role in decision-making are: shelf life of products, how products are tested, and sources from which ingredients are derived. Does the company have vegan-friendly options? Are they upfront about which products contain soy, gluten, nuts, and so forth?


Finally, whether or not the company requires an opening order may be valuable to know. Look for a company that offers help in putting together an order that meets the spa’s needs.


Considering factors like these will help a professional gain confidence in the acid-based skin care products they choose to incorporate.

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